Quick Hit

Still facing what I’ve been dealing with lately, no need to go into details, no major changes.

I just stumbled across the saga of Garrett Broshuis, veteran of six years as a pitcher in the Giants’ farm system but a major league writer with a sharp eye and a writing gift. Highly recommended reading…


  1. hartbreak

    Nice find, kind of sad, but honest and touching. Maybe he’s got a future in writing? Meanwhile, you and your dad are still in our prayers. Hang in there.

  2. olympictrees@aol.com

    Thanks for updating us here and on Countdown. It is very much appreciated. Not knowing is the hardest part of all this. Hugs to you and your father, and best of luck to both of you. I hope he has a full recovery, and soon….
    I’ll check out the story on Broshuis tomorrow. Sounds interesting. πŸ™‚

  3. unpaka27@yahoo.com

    Nice to see you on Countdown again on 10-01-09, so I hope that’s a sign of continued improvement for your dad. Though we always miss you when you’re not in the anchor’s chair, anyone who’s been in your situation knows that some things take priority over work. So we definitely understand. Continued best wishes for you, your dad, and your family. πŸ™‚

    Will read that blog you linked to later, when my eyes are less tired. Thanks for popping in to say hello!

  4. danish.hanish@gmail.com

    Thank you very much for the update, we really appreciate it.
    And as one of your fans said it here and somewhere else that because we care and we are sincere that we may have stepped out a little bit and asked a little too much, but my hope is that you forgive your readers and pardon your audience. All prayers and best wishes go to your Dad

  5. janicecyoung@yahoo.com

    Great find, KO. As regards your dad, be strong. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Jan in Santa Clarita

  6. christenhittie@yahoo.com

    Hi, Keith!

    Thanks for keeping us updated on your dad’s status. Again, keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers. I, too, was happy to see you again on Countdown! (Since I am going to school full-time for my BS in nursing, I record your show exclusively…And it truly is the highlight of my day.)

    I enjoyed both the blog and the SI story. As an avid baseball fan and mother of 5, 3 of which have either played softball or baseball, I was not surprised to read of the parent’s desperation to exult a child from poverty to a possibly lucrative sports career. I am, however, sad to read another story of good intent maligned with bad execution of power.

    Thank you for yet another thought provoking story!

  7. 1948braves

    Thank you Keith for recomending the article. Sad to see the exploitation that’s going on in the Dominican. These kids, from what I have read over the years, love baseball so much. I see Ramon Martinez is involved with the kids down there. I remember him so well sitting in the dugout when Pedro first came to Boston. He was such a protective older brother when it came to Pedro. I would think Ramon would do well with the kids in the Dominican. He seemed to all of us to be a mature, caring man, who knew as much about baseball as anyone.

    To echo everyone else, you and your dad are in our thoughts. And although none of us know you personally, still we all feel like we have a soul mate in the media with someone like you. What you have with your viewers is unique and something no other tv host will ever have. You are the glue that keeps us together.

    Take care Keith.

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