Ryan Howard – Saturday?

On the record the Phillies say that first baseman Ryan Howard, still recovering from his brutal Achilles injury on the last play of the team’s 2011 season, will be attempting to play back-to-back rehab games for the first time tonight and tomorrow.

Off the record (in what is admittedly perhaps the least impressive advancement of a story ever) a Phillies’ source told me tonight here at Citifield that the hope is to activate the slugger in time to play Saturday in a nationally televised game against the Braves in Philly.

Phils’ General Manager Ruben Amaro tonight said of Howard to reporters “he’s getting close” but wouldn’t even go as far as the source as identifying Saturday as the soft target for the return. In his rehab work at Lakewood (Class A) and Lehigh Valley (Class AAA) Howard had gotten 8 hits in seventeen at bats with two doubles, one home run, and nine Runs Batted In through Wednesday night. As of this posting Howard is 2-for-3 tonight (both singles) with another RBI, all off Adam Warren, who a week ago tomorrow was making his big league debut for the Yankees against the White Sox.

The Phillies’ source said overall Howard seemed to be at 85 percent but was still significantly limited in his running – but with all other aspects of his game looking surprisingly up to speed.


  1. Andrew Milner

    The Phillies improved their W/L record in each of the last five seasons, which I think is unprecedented for a team which was over .500 to begin with. In other words, they were playing with the house’s money for quite some time. When the injuries started to pile up, the Phils hit the wall instantly.

  2. Mary_Caruso

    This kind of makes me wonder who is making the decisions concerning the players health. Is it management (coaches) or their MDs? The Achillies injury is nothing to take lightly. Is it something to do with Howard being sent down and showing his talent? Or do they really need him to show up.. So far the Phils are up 5-4. we can see where it goes tonight but they really should make sure Howard is solid 100% before risking a perpetual injury.

  3. patriciaellynpowell

    No wonder I didn’t recognize that guy! He was a new Yankee! Let Ryan Howard take it easy. They could play Ron Howard.

  4. Sam

    It will be good to see Howard back– but he’ll be facing tougher pitching than ex-Met John Maine! And how ’bout those Phightin’ Mets?! Fun to see them win, and beat Papelbon– again.

  5. earlnash

    Could 2012 be the alternate universe for 1964?
    “The 1964 Philadelphia Phillies held a six and a half game lead in an exceptionally strong National League with 12 games to play. They then lost ten straight games (the first seven played at home) and fell into a second place tie. The skein started with Chico Ruiz stealing home, with Frank Robinson at bat, for the game’s only run. Dick Allen said of the play: “The play broke our humps.”[3] The crucial series came when the now second-place Phillies traveled to St. Louis to play the Cardinals after their losing home stand. They dropped the first game of the series to Bob Gibson by a 5–1 score, their eighth loss in a row, dropping them to third place. The Cardinals would sweep the three-game set and assume first place for good. The “Phold,” as it is known, is one of the most notable collapses in sports history.”

  6. vp19

    Good to have Howard back (even though I’m a Nats fan), but some of the reports from Friday indicate he still had trouble running. Hope for his sake he didn’t come back too soon.

  7. TheDudeAbides

    I used to like Keith Olbermann when he was with ESPN. That was before he turned into an arrogant liberal celebrity who things he’s smarter than everyone on the planet. Now, I don’t even respect his position on sports related activities. Let me know when you’re ready to go “on the record” Keith, and keep your “off the record” comments for your lawyer. Wait, maybe I should take that back.

  8. TheDudeAbides

    Off the record, a source closer to Olbermann tells me that Keith Olbermann doesn’t write his own blogs. Obermann’s “veteran litigator”, Patty Glaser, does all of his work for him. She probably knows more about baseball then Olbermann does anyways.

  9. moon56555

    How do you know that KO lawyer writes everything for him, are in meetings when he and his lawyer talk, so you live with him. I guess that lawyer was also the one that wrote the baseball book about the mangers for a fourteen year old Olbermann, phd research proposal

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