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A Little More History That Never Was

After the generous response to the previous post on “History That Wasn’t,” a little more of it:1967twinscards.jpg

It wasn’t until 1975 that MLB began producing the World Series program. Prior to that the individual teams did it themselves, or contracted the jobs out themselves (although, curiously, during the World Series of the late 1880’s, only one scorecard was produced, apparently as a joint venture of the clubs and the leagues, and sold in the many different cities in which the games were played). 
Thus, with the Twins not eliminated until the last day of the ’67 pennant race in Boston, they prepared at least the cover, copies of which are regularly seen even today. Never seen the full insides, however. Interesting that the program presages the Series of exactly twenty years later.
Next time, what happened to a Yankees’ World Series program when the most dramatic of historical moments intervened.