Oy Vey, Oy Vey Oy Vey Jose

Jose Reyes’ injury is a hamstring tear????

No confirmation on this elsewise but Mr. Burkhardt knows his stuff.

UPDATE 9:04 EDT: Now confirmed by a Mets’ statement, via the Associated Press, with the timeline hazy: “(An) MRI revealed a small tear in his right hamstring tendon, a new injury. Reyes will rest for two days and then resume treatment.”


  1. dyhrdmet

    Keith, you should hear the Mets blog-o-sphere buzzing about the injury bug that has bit the team.

    All I can think of after the shotty medical treatment of the last year is an episode of Three Stooges that featured the quote “Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard” (which of course I found the video to show on my blog).


  2. kvanvlac@u.arizona.edu

    When it rains it pours in Mets Land! You were correct in calling JJ Putz’s poor performances as injury related. Just heard that he has pain in his right shoulder and needs to be checked out. I dread to think what else could possibly happen. This summer is on the verge of being very long and depressing if this series with Pirates is any indication. Oy Vey Mr. Olbermann, Oy Vey in deed.

  3. ineberated

    Ugh. Sucks.
    Your exclamation of exasperation and confusion is totally worth the four question marks.

  4. silent037bob@yahoo.com

    I’ve always wonder when I read a report like the statement from the Mets about how you define a “small tear” in a person’s hamstring tendon or any other part of the body. It would seem to my like any tear in that area of the body would just be so bad that you would just call it a tear and that would be it. The size of the tear doesn’t have much to do with it in the long run since it’s still torn no matter how big the tear is.

  5. hbremmer@sbcglobal.net

    Small, in management speak, is any tear that does’nt leave the player writhing on the field like a fish out of water.

  6. adamborror

    What a tough break. I’m a Phillies fan, and will readily admit that Jeyes is not among my favorite players, but it seems that the timing of this injury is particularly devastating considering that the Phils pitching is starting to come around. I hope Reyes is back sooner than later because the Mets are a little more fun to hate with him in the lineup.

  7. niki.hatzilambrou@gmail.com

    A month ago I was saying, “see ya next year” because I have been a Mets fan all my life and pessimism is our natural state. But even I did not expect it to get to this point, and Keith, it is depressing. The news about JJ has made “see ya next year” sound optimistic. Amazing misery.

  8. meyerlansky

    hey there folks…
    the mets are not my teams, or one of my teams, but my pops
    firm had box seats…not to bad, fifteen rows or so above visitors
    dugout…also, these were the firms cheap tickets…we didn’t go to the yankee games…
    so i have fond memories of going to the park and watching the mets…i love baseball so any game is “…greeaaat” as tony would say…
    so i take more interest in their standings than most…what i am asking mets fans is i have and will i am sure at some point going to go to more of youse guy’s games…here is the question…

    what is the problem…do the mets have any
    sort of self reference framework with which
    to view their ball club? most call that self
    denial…when will it end?…i will light a
    with love and prayers,

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