The Ichiro Comedy Hour

After getting handcuffed by Hideki Matsuis second inning sac fly here at Yankee Stadium for an error that ultimately did no damage to the Mariners, Ichiro Suzuki got a mock roar of anticipation and excitement from the crowd as he lined up to catch Francisco Cervellis fly just two batters later.

Ichiro – of the underpublicized sense of humor and the giddy giggle whenever Ken Griffey tickles him, promptly pulled a Justin Upton. As he squeezed Cervellis fly to end the inning, he fake-tossed it towards the stands, giving the fans something to really roar about.

Leading off the top of the third, the one-named wonder was called out on by umpire Jerry Meals on a check swing – held his bat level in that limbo pose for a second, begging for the ball call. When it didnt come, he unfroze the pose and finished the swing.


  1. 1948braves

    Boy, Seattle Mariners vs. New York Yankees. There is no doubt that the premier teams of the 1990’s were the NYY & Atlanta Braves. But the Seattle Mariners of the 1990’s – unbelievable team. Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey, Alex R., w/Lou Pinella as their manager. As great as the rivalry is between the Red Sox/NYY, which attracts a great deal of attention in October, who could EVER forget the playoff series in 1995 between the NYY & Seattle? One for the ages. Spectacular. Seattle was a great team back then. Best Trade – Jason Varitek and Derek Lowe from Seattle to the Red Sox for Slocumb. Speaking of rivalries, I think the NYY/Mets rivalry is hilarious.

    “I went through baseball as “a player to be named later.”
    – Joe Garagiola –

  2. justanothercoed

    You think Yankees vs. Seattle is good you should go to a Boston game at Safeco. I am positive Boston fans outnumber Seattle fans at those games. The fans are well coordinated as well, left field is a sea of red and right field is a sea of blue. I think these games are only games you will go to where the visiting team fans’ cheers are louder than the home team fans’ cheers. Since you have such an “electric” crowd you are guaranteed a good game. One of my fondest memories at Safeco was a Boston game July 23, 2006 (again Boston outnumbering Seattle in the stands). The game had gone forth with who was leading until the bottom of the 9th when it was tied 8-8. Sexson walked up (first man to bat in the 9th) and hit a lead off home run. You could hear the Seattle fans after that one 😉

  3. 1948braves

    justanothercoed: I got quite a kick out of your post. I had no idea there were so many Sox fans up there. I’ve been telling your story to family & friends and they think it’s hilarious. So thank you. I wish MLB would consider doing day-night doubleheaders on the 4th of July, especially in Boston & NY & Phila. Baseball & the 4th just seem to go together on this holiday more than others (with the exception of Patriots’ Day up here). Again, thanks for your post. I really enjoyed it. btw, I used to live in Washington. It was beautiful there.

    “Candlestick was built on the water. It should have been built under it.”
    – Roger Maris –

  4. justanothercoed

    1st post edit: “back and forth” not “forth”
    Roger Maris: Glad you enjoyed the post. Also, there truly is no place more beautiful than Seattle on a summers day. If you, your family, or your friends are looking for a fun vacation I recommend Seattle when Boston is in town, it truly is a unique baseball experience^_^

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