Joba Booed

The honeymoon is over, the bloom is off the rose, and the scales have fallen from the eyes. After nearly two years of abject and often undeserved adoration, Joba Chamberlain heard the unfamiliar sounds of booing here at Yankee Stadium. This fate that befalls them all filled the interval between the landing of the last of the nine hits Chamberlain surrendered in blowing a 4-0 lead to Toronto in just three and two-thirds innings, and his removal from the game. Though the carnage (five unearned) was largely enabled by a silly-looking error by Cody Ransom at third base, Chamberlain was hardly undeserving of the catcalls – having already given back three of the runs before the hideous fourth. Ironically, the end of the Joba Rules Era which had begun here on August 13, 2007, may ultimately be forgotten in the general lustiness of the swatting here in the Bronx; afforded the 8-4 lead, rookie Brett Cecil (without Beany) promptly gave up a three-run blast to Matsui. If not, Yankee fans may have to transfer their exuberant affections to Brett Tomko – although that somehow doesnt sound like quite the same thing.


  1. dyhrdmet

    Keith, you want to hear booing, come to Citi Field to Meet the Muts Tuesday night. That’s getting ugly, and it’s getting ugly fast.

  2. 1948braves

    The NYY team BA is .272, ranking them 4th in the AL. However, their team ERA is 4.43, which right now ranks them 11th. I have no doubt the Yankees and Red Sox will go toe to toe throughout the season. At least that’s how it appears after 3 months of play. But the NYY pitching has to improve. July 31st trading deadline. Anything going on?

    “A hot dog at the ball park is better than a steak at the Ritz.” – Humphrey Bogart


    If the Cards keep playing like they did Saturday they’ll have a worse problem than being booed; Albert may walk. He has said that being on a winning team is more important to him than the money and Saturday they stank. Colby Rasmus should be playing five days a week, why he’s not is a mystery to me. Wellemeyer got his mojo back Friday which was a relief and Carp is, well Carp, and there’s Yadi, Waino, Franklin and Albert so they should’nt lose so dramatically. Evidently TLR has sympathy for Ankiel and Duncan is, of course, Dave Duncan’s son but they both ought to be benched.

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