Two great questions batted around Yankee Stadium Sunday which you can chew on for a few days.

One of them is fully vetted – the other, not quite.
1. When Rickey Henderson is inducted, he’ll become the fourteenth Hall of Famer who once wore a Mets’ uniform. Name the other thirteen, and note the construction of the question. They are indeed, not all players.
2. How many Hall of Famers retired immediately after playing on a World Series winning team? How many of them did so immediately after playing on a losing team? Looks like four or five winners and about ten losers, but I’m still double-checking.
As they say: have at.



    Okay Mr. Olbermann, I will take your bait for one of your trivia questions. For your question about the Mets- I got ten players/coaches and three broadcasters.
    Here is my list- 1. Richie Ashburn, 2. Yogi Berra, 3. Gary Carter, 4. Willie Mays , 5. Eddie Murray, 6.Nolan Ryan , 7. Tom Seaver, 8. Duke Snider, 9. Warren Spahn, 10. Casey Stengel, 11. Bob Murphy, 12. Lindsey Nelson, 13. Ralph Kiner. I will have to get back to you on Number 2.

  2. dyhrdmet

    Keith, since Kathleen mentiones Bob Murphy, Lindsey Nelson, and Ralph Kiner in her answer to question 1, do you have any photos of the 3 in Mets uniforms? I know Murph was called a homer, but I don’t think he ever actually (literally) wore the hat.

    Mike Piazza will become number 15 someday. Sheffield will probably be on that list too. Kent too. I may be able to name 13 future answers to this question.



    OK, here goes my attempt at the HoF question. As an added bonus, I added the HoF players who ended their careers on 100 loss teams. This is what South Bronx Middle School teachers do on their summer vacations. Yogi Berra’s 4 games and 9 at bats with the 1965 Mets keep him from the winner’s side with the 1963 Yankees.

    WS Winners:

    Don Sutton, 1988 Dodgers
    Phil Rizzuto, 1956 Yankees
    Johnny Mize, 1953 Yankees
    Eddie Matthews, 1968 Tigers
    Stan Coveleski, 1928 Yankees
    Joe DiMaggio, 1951 Yankees
    Eddie Collins, 1930 Philadelphia Athletics
    Lou Gehrig, 1939 Yankees

    Dan Brouthers retired after the 1904 season (where he only played in 2 games with 5 at bats and no hits at age 46). Jim O’Rourke also played in the 1904 season at age 53. He played in one game and had one hit and a run. Their team, the NY Giants, won the NL Pennant. There was no World Series.

    WS Losers:

    Tom Seaver, 1986 Red Sox
    Dave Winfield, 1995 Indians
    Larry Doby, 1959 White Sox
    Travis Jackson, 1936 NY Giants
    Willie Mays, 1973 Mets
    Sandy Koufax, 1966 Dodgers
    Jackie Robinson, 1956 Brooklyn Dodgers
    Frank Baker, 1922 Yankees
    Bill Terry, 1936 NY Giants

    100+ loss Seasons:

    Bruce Sutter (1988 Braves, 54-106)
    Richie Ashburn (Inaugural 1962 Mets, 40-120)
    Roger Conner (1897 St. Louis Browns, 29-102)
    Robin Roberts (1966 Cubs, 59-103)
    Jim Bottomley (1937 St. Louis Browns, 46-108)
    Yogi Berra (1965 Mets, 50-112)
    Jake Beckley (1907 Cardinals, 52-101)
    Satchel Paige (1965 Kansas City Athletics, 59-103)
    Rabbit Maranville (1935 Boston Braves, 38-115)
    Jimmie Foxx (1945 Phillies, 46-108)
    Rube Waddell (1910 St. Louis Browns, 47-107)
    Rogers Hornsby (1937 St. Louis Browns, 46-108)
    Grover Cleveland Alexander (1930 Phillies, 52-102)
    Nap Lajoie (1916 Philadelphia Athletics, 36-117)
    Cy Young (1911 Boston Rustlers, 44-107)
    Babe Ruth (1935 Boston Braves, 38-115)
    Honus Wagner (1917 Pirates, 51-103)

  4. gpultorak

    # 12 is Bob Gibson, a coach in 1981. But I believe that Red Ruffing is # 13, the pitching coach in 1962.


    Stengel, Carter, Seaver, Mays, Spahn, Hornsby (c), Snider, Gibson (c), Ryan, Yogi, Ashburn, Murray… and Ruffing(c)?

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