David Wright Update

erry Manuel tells the Media at this hour that he does not think David Wright lost consciousness although he saw Wrights eyes go back and forth in his head but heard Wright tell everybody Im all right – but they have no update on his examination yet. Manuel is convinced there was no intent on the part of Matt Cain; that the book on David is to pitch him up and in and that he did not talk to Johan Santana about what appeared to be a retaliatory throw behind the back of Pablo Sandoval an inning after Wright was hit. Baseball has its unwritten rules, he said. He did not disagree that Wright would certainly miss time but did not say the problems with Ryan Churchs post-concussion syndrome would influence how gingerly he would handle Wright.


  1. peter1581

    As a life long Mets fan I am surprised to say that all of the strange things that I could dream up for a season to go down in flames they have now officially happend.

    Keith after reading all of your Cooperstown entries I was inspired to drive the 4 hours from Boston to pay my respects to Baseball’s greats. of course while standing in front of Pete Rose’s jersey someone brought up whether or not he should ever be inducted into the hall. I know you wrote extensively on this in the past weeks but I have one question do you think that if they let Pete Rose in they should let Shoeless Joe Jackson in?

    I know that what the so called “Black” Sox did goes way beyond Rose’s gambling but they have never been able to prove that Jackson had anything to do with throwing the games so if we take away what it means to be “band for life” wouldn’t we have to reexamine banning someone who’s actions can’t be proved?

    Thanks for your time and keep up the great work here and on Countdown

  2. historymike

    Throwing behind the batter is unacceptable since, as we know, the instinct is to fall backward as the pitch comes in at you. The stupidity here is the inability to distinguish between pitching inside and head-hunting, both on the part of the batter and on the part of the umpire. Further, the umpire should immediately eject someone who is clearly throwing AT someone with the intent to hurt, and if you are a good umpire who has been around a while, you know the difference–or should.

  3. kvanvlac@u.arizona.edu

    Hi Keith,
    Wanted to say thanks for the great updates from Cooperstown! Awesome stuff! Also thanks for the update on David Wright! That was just scary. It makes me cringe to see that happen to any baseball player. I heard he was released from the hospital and was going on the 15 day DL. I hope the Mets play it smart and not botch this like they did Ryan Church. David, who is my favorite player, is the cornerstone of this Mets team and they need him healthy. Concussions are not something to screw around with.
    Keep on keeping on!

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