Stop Whistling

It has been there all season but its inappropriateness can only truly be appreciated now, perhaps, when Mariano Rivera strikes out Torii Hunter to end the top of the ninth of a dramatic ALCS game in the Bronx.

The whistle sound from a local appliance dealer.
The Yanks made some kind of deal to sponsor a sound effect! For each strikeout by a New York pitcher this year, they play this obnoxious shrill five-note noise over the P.A. system. It’s cheesy. It’s annoying. It’s – and I know how much ground I’m covering when I say this – beneath the dignity even of the Yankees.



    Thanks for explaining this unspeakably annoying sound. I had thought it was just some jerk in the stands, too close to a microphone, whistling incessantly to show off. It made me want to board a plane to NYC and tape his mouth shut. So much for that idea……..

    People bearing torches, pitchforks, and clubs should be protesting at that appliance dealership.

    One other thing…when they were building the new Yankee Stadium, somebody forgot to add two important words to the list of new features. “Retractable roof.” So what if the old stadium didn’t have one? Some traditions were made to be broken. (Now, don’t get your knickers in a twist, traditionalists. I’m sure there were people objecting to the idea of putting electric lights in stadiums, once upon a time.) šŸ™‚


    Good Gawd, what a disgusting noise and so inappropriate.

    Money..someone has to pay for that shiny new bauble called the new and improved Yankee stadium.


    In Seattle, there’s a “cha-ching” cash register sound effect for each strikeout of a visiting batter, indicating a $25. donation to a children’s charity. Anyone know if the Yanks are indicating something similar with their SFX?




    Yes, the dignified ownership whose YES network seems utterly in bed with Fixed News, whose on-their-sleeves patriotism gives us the “as long as they’re not Jews” tenor and, the beloved of jingoists everywhere, Kate Smith instead of Take Me Out To The Ballgame?



    I heard a fan whistling at high decible rate all game long Saturday night’s Yankees-Angels game. He did it each time the Angels batted. I picked up the game in the 4th, and he still doing it in 13th inning throughout the rain soaked game. I had to mute the telecast.
    But I’ve been hearing a growing amount of incessant whistling.
    They mimic the “da-da-dut-da-duh CHARGE!” cheer and it’s not funny. It’s turning me off.
    And don’t get me started with all the pink paraphenalia. Now the NFL has picked up the ball with the pink mafia. There’s no turning back it seems. Next, they’ll dress the players in dresses…and the lunatrons behind home plate will whistle.

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