Game 3 – Opener

Notes from a hospital waiting room…

I have heard so much about how baseball-savvy the Philadelphia fans are (to be fair, I hear this mostly from Philadelphia fans). But how savvy are you if, when your opposing pitcher hits the opposing team’s superstar with a pitch after he started the Series 0-for-8 with six strikeouts, you cheer?




    Doesn’t sound too savvy to me, Keith.

    So… your dad is still in the hospital? I’m sorry to hear it. He is getting better, I hope… right?

    Hugs to both of you, and please send him my best wishes. Thanks.

  2. shfinn

    Cheering when a batter is hit sounds demented at best & stupid at worst. Sorry your Dad is still in the hospital, hope the game cheered you both up at least a little and that he gets better soon.


    You’ve pinpointed one of the reasons Phillies fans annoy me to no end (i.e., their arrogant attitude), and you’re getting close to the second reason they annoy me.

    Their cheering had nothing to do with their understanding of baseball, or lack of same. They were simply cheering because they were glad A-Rod got hit. Philadelphia fans have a bad reputation for a reason. (My apologies to Philly fans who *aren’t* that way, it’s just that far too many of them have earned their notoriety.)

    I’m sorry to hear your father is still in the hospital. My family sends best wishes for his continued improvement. 🙂


    Yeah, as a Phillies fan, I could go either way on that. I agree that it technically was a really stupid thing to do, but obviously it wasn’t intentional. On the other hand, Rodriguez is the embodiment of all that we hate about the Yankees, highly paid, entitled, and a former cheater. Seeing him get hit with a pitch is just viscerally very satisfying. We know we shouldn’t(well, maybe not all of us) but we can’t help but cheer.

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