Game Six: Godzilla Versus Mega-Damon

Fascinating subtext to Hideki Matsuis five-RBI night and Johnny Damons MVP-caliber performance over the first five games. They are in essence competing for the sane job on the 2010 Yankees. It is unlikely New York wants to trust either in leftfield next year, certainly not at these prices. But either would make – as Matsui already has proven – a top-of-the-line DH.


  1. shfinn

    It’s a tough choice, I am really happy with both but understand business is business. Why does Girardi keep entrusting the season to Joba? Please Marte please get Utley.


    Keith, any chance you could relay this message to Hideki Matsui somehow? šŸ™‚

    Banzai Gojira! Matsui Hideki-san wa sugoi! Yankee no suupaa sutaa! (Nihongo yoku hanasemasen. Gomen na sai.) Omedetou!! ^_^

    Roughly translated: Hooray Godzilla! Matsui Hideki-san was amazing, the Yankees’ superstar. (I don’t speak Japanese very well. I’m sorry.) Congratulations!

    If this isn’t possible, I understand. I just thought he might get a kick out of getting a congratulatory message in Japanese from an American. His performance was stellar tonight!

    Kind of sad that Matsui and Damon have to compete for the same job now. I’m glad I’m not the one who would have to make that decision.

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