Johnny Orsino, Hall Of Famer

Ah, the joys of spring training games showing up on my television, enabling me fleeting glances between hospital visits of a spring that here in New York seems a long way off.

The first few exhibitions always make me wonder if any player ever made a greater debut than that of a fairly obscure catcher for the Baltimore Orioles during the exhibition season of 1963. In the preceding off-season, the Birds had moved on from the man who had been virtually the only catcher in their modern history, Gus Triandos, and were auditioning a kid with just 43 games of big league experience whom they’d gotten in a winter deal with San Francisco.
Johnny Orsino had shown a power bat in the minors but was an unproven commodity as the Birds assembled in Miami 47 years ago. More over, he was hurt. A bad back forced him to miss Baltimore’s first six exhibition games. So his first at bat in an Orioles uniform on March 15th was by itself something of a triumph. 
Orsino promptly hit a three-run homer off Joe Moeller of the Dodgers. In his next at bat, he was accidentally intentionally walked (Boog Powell had been balked to second and manager Walter Alston was gesticulating wildly about the call; Dodger catcher Mike Brumley mistakenly believed he was being inexplicably ordered to walk his Oriole counterpart). In his third trip to the plate, Orsino hit another homer, a solo blast.
He came out of the game at that point, and missed Baltimore’s next two exhibitions. But against veteran Reds’ lefty Jim O’Toole at Al Lopez Field in Tampa on March 18th, Orsino made it three homers in three Baltimore ups. Then four in four. Then five in five. 
You read correctly. Not just home runs in five consecutive official at bats, nor just home runs in the first five at bats of spring training, but five consecutive home runs in the first five at bats with a new team. The streak was finally snapped when a Reds’ prospect named John Flavin got Orsino to pop up to the catcher.
Orsino’s unbeatable debut (What? somebody’s going to hit homers in his first six at bats with a new team, even in spring training?) got him considerable attention, and he had a strong season (19-56-.272) as Baltimore’s top receiver in 1964. But the bad back lingered, and he never again played in as many as 100 games in a season. By 1966 the Orioles had dished him off to the Senators, and he spent all but one game of 1967 in the Pacific Coast League, and by 1968 was in Double-A.
But the spring training world was his. It is largely forgotten now, but the Designated Hitter made its debut on the big league level not in 1973, but in a handful of exhibitions in 1969. And the first man to get a hit as “The Designated Pinch Hitter” was a non-roster invitee struggling unsuccessfully to catch on with the Yankees: John Orsino.
I promised no politics here and I stick to it. But I never said anything about never mentioning other sports, although I think I’ll start that rule about a paragraph from now. If you’d like to read the most poorly-informed conclusion I’ve come across in sports media this year, you have your link. Proceed with caution. In short, it is the contention that the comeback of Tiger Woods will be more difficult than the one Muhammad Ali faced in the 1960’s. If the writer can let me know when Woods is punitively drafted by the military even though he is about eight years older than almost all the other draftees, I’ll begin to take him seriously. In the interim I am again left to marvel how somebody can rise to a fairly prominent media position with no discernible insight or talent, save for an apparent ability to mix up a vast bowl of word salad very quickly. 



    It was a crummy, if not completely inappropriate article but you have to be kidding me about Simmons having no discernible talent. The guy is highly educated and has a unique, irreverent look at Sports. What, you want to read some blowhard like Rick Reilly or listen to a curmudgeon like Billy Packer? Really?

    No discernible insight? Sports is immediately accessible and that is why we identify and remember national sports writer’s names instead of, say, someone who writes for Newsweek or Time. I can name Joe Conason and that’s about it, and I read both every week. Take any writer in America and I doubt they can peel back the layers of the NBA or analyze the environment in the way Simmons can. You’re completely right that the article was terrible, but you come across as a former sports guy who made it in a traditional, conventional way just taking a cheap shot at someone who made it the nontraditional way. It’s one article. Get over it.


    wholeheartedly agree with olbermanns take on simmons article. simmons answered a chat room question without really thinking of the consequences. then, instead of realizing he was wrong, he wrote an article that proves he was right since there’s no way to argue with one of his columns. pretty standard bill “i am infallible” simmons stuff. how many of his columns are just a bunch of 20/20 hindsight about NBA gm’s making bad trades? bill loves to write about how he would do better, but i believe two things for certain:

    A) he would absolutely not do a significantly better job than the average NBA gm

    B) if the bucks or the wolves or another team ACTUALLY offered him the job, he wouldn’t take it; it’s way easier to just dump on GM’s when you’re not the one that actually has to make the decisions.

    bills like that show on fox where people try to fit their bodies through different holes on conveyor belts; entertaining, but moronic.


    While I generally enjoy Simmons for his pop-culture obsessed take on sports, the idea that he’s “a much better and more relevant” writer than Olbermann is plain idiocy. If the quality of Simmons defenders in these comments is any indication of his readership in general, I may have to re-think my inclusion in said group.

    Actually, I’ve already been re-thinking it based on the monumentally stupid article Olbermann rightly lambastes above. It is almost breathtaking in its shallowness and lack of perspective.


    I don’t think your criticism of Bill Simmons is entirely fair (his strength is being hilarious; this article was trite by his standards).

    However, I do think your blog about Johnny Orsino was cool. Six homers in his first six at-bats!? That’s amazing!

    I just thought that somebody should comment on the actual article instead of one off-topic sentence that appears at the very end. Good work.

  5. 27cominup

    I feel sorry for folks that do nothing but read the Sports Guy and never step out to take in what others have to write about sports in general, other than what is happening with any Boston sports team and the NBA. Bill Simmons is an entire BORE and hasn’t written anything of interest (again, unless you live in Boston or can stand the NBA) in over a decade.

    Sports Boy is in the wrong here and needs to take a moment and get off of his high horse and admit it.


    Hey, Keith… ignore the naysayers. Your writing is far better than that of Simmons, and as rdriley said, if these comments are any indication of his readers, then I guess he’s reaching his target audience. No offense to Simmons, but… I”ll just leave it there. Still dealing with family issues here, and I know you are as well… and I have very little time, so I’ll just send you hugs, and hope that you’ll have continued strength in the days to come – and that your father continues to improve. Please keep us posted, and thanks for the updates so far. One last note – you talked about Houdini and Rambo, but ever since you went to work (two days, was it?) with a ruptured appendix, I’ve been calling you “Iron Man”. Sounds like perhaps that name fits your father as well. May it ever be so. Take care of yourself!

  7. grk9

    I’ve never heard of Bill Simmons. I suppose that’s my lose. However, for those of you who can’t appreciate Keith’s writing, that’s your loss….. Keith is passionate, thoughtful and amusing….

  8. ledfloyd13

    This is not good. I have two media man-crushes…Keithy and Simmons. Now they are fighting. I cannot handle this.


    Everyone needs to calm down.

    Simmons and Olbermann are more similar than they are different. I like their work for the same reason most people do – they use opinion and hyperbole to prove their (occasionally misguided) points, which keeps their content fresh and their audience guessing.

    More often than not, however, they bring up good points and get me thinking about daily events in a way I wouldn’t have otherwise.

    The fact that they are now comically feuding is like watching pot vs. kettle. Neither one of them is so preeminent (that’s right KO, I can bring the verbiage) in their respective field that they should start calling out others.

    That’s Jon Stewart’s job.


    Mr. Olbermann,

    I like you, I really do. I thought your defense of gay marriage a few months ago was one of the most passionate and well argued things I’d seen from cable news in years. Often, you are one of the few voices left on cable news willing to attack the right wing media hate machine without fear or compunction. But sir, even when you are right, you often come off as a blowhard, and if you’ll pardon, a jackass. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes its the only way to counterbalance the noise coming from the other side, and I thank you for making that case. But in the case of Mr. Simmons’ column, you are totally wrong. While it might be something less than his finest work, it offers an insight and opinion not seen yet on this issue. It was an attempt to compare the two biggest comebacks in sports from non-injury related issues, and even if his conclusions are suspect (i don’t agree with his conclusions entirely), that does not mean it lacks insight or quality. For you to attack another writer in this manner just because you disagree with the conclusion in his opinion column calls into question your professionalism, your own talent, and the validity of your own opinions. Simmons never claims to be the end all be all of sports writing nor the center of the universe, only a voice for his own opinions. If you cannot respect that, then for as much as i respect your opinion and appreciate your voice on other issues, then you, sir, should go away for good.



    Long time big fan. Loved you on SportsCenter. Have a Season Pass for Countdown on my Tivo.

    I’m reconsidering my fandom now.

    No insight or talent? The Book of Basketball is an incredible book, exquisitely researched, absolutely insightful, and laugh-out-loud funny. And it took hundreds of columns with those traits to lead thousands of us to buy a 700-page book.

    Also, your comments don’t even address his column. Simmons doesn’t equate war and jail with adultery. Simmons is comparing a beloved athlete with a disgraced one, and a sport of power and instincts with one of focus and exactness. You might disagree with his conclusion, but you clearly made no effort to understand what let him there.

    It’s time to give Simmons another chance. Or else your fans might not give you another one.


    vitriolic commenters,

    seriously? this is a fun, literate, and thoughtful baseball blog.
    whatever your feelings about simmons and his bonafides, relax with the screeching. we can all agree without a doubt that bill simmons as we know (and often love) him wouldn’t exist at all if it weren’t for keith olbermann and dan patrick having been on ESPN in the first place. they could probably claim him as an exemption on their taxes.


    Awww, look at all of Simmons’ loyal soldiers coming out to defend their favorite writer.

    Look, I like Simmons as well, but let’s not pretend like he’s above criticism. To me, he’s gotten way too lazy since ’04 and he relies on too many movie references and cliches lately. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t he’s without talent, but you folks are acting like he’s beyond reproach. Please. K.O. expressed what I see as an understandable criticism and y’all are getting way too sensitive about it.

    Chill out, Simmons Soldiers. And to suggest that Olbermann doesn’t have as much sports knowledge as Simmons is downright laughable.

  14. jjljr

    Keith — you’ve been one of my favorite mediods for over a decade. I love your Baseball Blog, I generally enjoy your MSNBC show, your work on SportsCenter was terrific — and you’re simply dead-wrong on Simmons. To say he has no talent is absurd — he is insanely-talented, and from where I’m sitting, it appears that he does his homework, too. (I’m surprised you don’t respect that)

    I’ll agree with you that his Ali vs Woods column wasn’t his best work — I disagreed with it top-to-bottom. But to suggest Simmons hasn’t earned his “fairly prominent position” is ridiculous. Simmons isn’t a jounalist — he’s a damn-good writer/blogger who never claims to be anything he’s not, and he’s funnier than hell.

    Suggestion — Simmons just wrote a 700-page book. You (rightly) are a stickler for historical accuracy. See how many errors you can find in “The Book Of Basketball” and publish your results.

  15. historymike

    Veddy interesting. Keith Olbermann expresses an opinion about Bill Simmons–not a favorable opinion, to be sure. Of course, we can disagree with that opinion if we wish. But instead I notice a lot of vitriol directed at Olbermann. Could it be that some people are letting their political views determine their attitudes about him, when what they are criticizing is not what could be construed as a political comment, but simply a comment about a writer he doesn’t like? Furthermore, Olbermann’s criticism of Simmons was mild compared with the hyperbole I read from Olbermann’s critics, which suggests that these are polemicists who were waiting for an opportunity to attack someone whose political views they dislike, not a fellow baseball fan who made a comment about another sport and a sportswriter. And the response to Olbermann’s comment is, frankly, disgusting.


    We’ve seen lots of insults exchanged, but no actual critique of Simmons’ article — either in Olbermann’s post or in the comments. How is it uninformed or otherwise wrong?

    I’ve read the whole thing, and I buy Simmons’ conclusion: Tiger’s comeback will be tougher than Ali’s. The main points: today’s media cycle is a killer, golf puts you in far more frequent and closer contact to heckling fans than boxing, and while Ali had considerable support in his comeback (the black civil rights and anti-Viet Nam war movements), it’s unclear if the public will get behind Tiger.

    Again, how is Simmons wrong? Where in his article does he come off as uninformed?


    Someone up above wrote this:

    “We don’t want you to post at The Daily Kos anymore while you are not doing your show. It looks really bad when you don’t do Countdown but write on blogs all day. Everyone calls you a hypocrite for doing it so just stop and concentrate on your Dad.

    Don’t give the teabaggers anymore ammunition.

    Stay strong,



    Whoever wrote this is a vile, vicious liar. I’m Diogenes2008 on Daily Kos, not this…. this…. person (and I’m giving them far too much credit at that).

    Keith, don’t listen to whoever wrote that crap. I didn’t write that, and I’ll post the same thing over at Daily Kos on the Countdown diary to prove it. Right now I’m so angry I can’t even see straight. I knew the people who were fighting against you were cruel and heartless people, but I didn’t think they would stoop so low as to try to steal my identity. I enjoy your blog, and I’m REALLY glad that you keep us posted. Please… ignore these disgusting comments, and remember… there are a lot of us out there who care very deeply about you and your family. And to whoever did this – to attack Keith like this at a time when he’s going through so much… and then to try to steal my Daily Kos username when I just lost three family members – you have no heart, no soul, and no life. I pity you, I truly do. Keith, take care of yourself. Hugs… and best of luck.


    Not sure why the bluster about Simmons when the meat of Keith’s column was about the great Johnny Orsino. And I know from Johnny O. Attending his Summer baseball camp on the glorious campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University (Teaneck Campus) in the early 80s featuring illustrious guests as Ray Burris and Charlie Lau made me the five-tool player I never became. But Johnny Orsino’s tutelage, did, however, lead to my adoption of a new batting stance (think Dwight Evans circa 1982) which led me to crush several Wilson tennis balls over the third deck of the center field short porch on the Willard School grounds during marathon games of stickball. Johnny Orsino, Hall-of-Famer? You betcha!


    For the uninformed who might be reading this, most of the vile comments here are being posted by fans of the equally vile blog “Olbywatch” (I’m not using the full name, as that site deserves no promotion). They specialize in hating Keith and posting revolting, untrue, inhuman comments about him.

    It is truly, utterly beyond all comprehension that so many people are evil enough to kick someone when his father is in ICU, and (God forbid) possibly on the verge of palliative care being the only option. Anyone who’s read this blog regularly knows that I’ve disagreed with Keith on various issues he’s written about, but I write my objections respectfully. That’s all part of being an adult.

    So is common decency. If you disagree with Keith’s opinions on sports or a sports writer, you can express it without wishing him dead, faking the identity of someone else who has lost loved ones, or saying any of the nausea-inducing things I’m reading on this blog. (BTW, you’ve all been reported to the moderator.)

    That said, I’d like to address some points being made.

    @therealmark33 – Ask the average American who Keith Olbermann is and who Bill Simmons is, and the vast majority will say, “Bill who?” Keith and Dan Patrick MADE SportsCenter, and Keith lifted MSNBC from a minor network to being second only to Fox. You disagree with what he wrote? Fine. Leave it at that. Comparing a mere sports writer to an icon like Keith only makes you look foolish.

    @buckeyes2775 – Keith didn’t create a fake account; contrary to what people like you like to believe, he has more supporters than a hack like Simmons. And if you think Simmons is a FRACTION as successful, let alone more successful, than Keith Olbermann…you’re delusional.

    @x-r4ti – Assuming you’re not just another Olbywatcher pretending to be a fan (as someone did with Diogenes2008), it’s kind of ridiculous to suggest someone “go away for good” based on ONE sentence he wrote.

    @billcopelandbill – Yeah, right. As if Bill Simmons is SO popular, that Keith’s fans would turn on him for criticizing this guy. Give me a break!

    @Diogenes2008 – I knew right away that post was a fake (the e-mail address was a dead giveaway), and I’d bet money that Keith did, too. I hope you’ll join me in reporting these troll posts, particularly that one. It wasn’t just a low attack on you, but the lowest of these attacks on Keith, trying to make it look as if even you had turned against him.

    I was going to post about the subject of this blog entry, but I’m just too sickened right now. Keith, I look forward to your next and future blog entries. Don’t let the trolls and the haters get you down–all the best to you, your dad, and your family.


    Just think, if Bill Simmons had the guts to allow comments, most of you could have posted your thoughts over there. Huh.


    “no discernible insight or talent, save for an apparent ability to mix up a vast bowl of word salad very quickly.”


    Mr. Olbermann:
    You clearly have high intellect and writing talent- anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves.

    The problem arises when you decide where you want to end up first, then use your talent to arrive there.

    Since politics is the obvious example, I had hoped your real passion for baseball would bring out the best in you and for the most part it has. Don’t let this purer area of your life degenerate the way the others have.

    An Objective Fan of Intellect (who is also a fan of another with obvious real talent, Mr. Simmons- he makes me laugh out loud at least once in his articles)


    To all the people bitching about how Simmons doesn’t allow comments on his articles:

    The reason is because comments from articles always just leads to people yelling at each other online. It’s pointless and stupid. Look at all the comments on ESPN news stories. It just becomes an all out war where people are yelling at each other. It has nothing to do with Simmons being afraid of a verbal online backlash, etc. ESPN editors are right to refrain from allowing comments on his articles. It would just lead to thousands of insults hurled at each other. So quit your stupid whining about the inability to comment on Simmons’ pieces.

    However, I do want to say that Simmons has exposed himself as a thin skinned whiner who simply can’t take criticism. He spends a lot of time insulting others (often rightfully so) but he flips out when someone of any weight in the media clashes with him. It’s his kryptonite, and I think he needs to grow up. Dunleavy lashes back at him, he flips out on Twitter. Isiah makes a remark against Simmons in print, Simmons takes to his column. WEEI disses him, Simmons responds on Twitter. That guy calls him out in the Orlando column regarding Dwight, Simmons is right there posting a link and shooting him down.

    And now with KO. Simmons is really coming across in an negative light with all this back and forth with people taking shots at him. And personally I lose some respect for him for being so petty. And if you read what people on Twitter are saying to Bill directly, the public is growing tired of his bitchy attitude too.

    Lastly, JackO is a right wing nutjob *********.

  24. holycowharrycaray

    Well, this certainly brought forth plenty of trolls. It’s nice being able to leave a comment when we disagree with the writer’s assessment of things: something that Bill Simmons does NOT allow on his own column.

  25. jwin214

    Wow. I just stopped by hoping for an update on Olberdad. The hatred here made me wonder for moment if I was back at the Daily Kos myself. And the random blatant impersonator makes me want to hide my own identity. WTF, people?!

    I can’t stand golf, and I haven’t followed baseball in 25 years, but the likes of the commenters here makes me second-guess any passive interest I have. I hope this is not the voice of the majority. Political hate doesn’t hold a candle to sportsfan hate. This sh*t is deep, and definitely unplayable.

    To you, Keith, and my two friends here – Hugs and best wishes to your families.

    Gratuitous baseball comment: I hope the A’s stick around.

    And with that, I’m going for a walk.



    Simmons fanboyz unite! Wonder Twins power: Form of Dane Cook, and the antihistorical defense of the indefensible!

    Sweep the leg!


    @alphaphilsfan – You could get sued for copyright infringement, for copying all the lies from Olbywatch and pasting them here. I’ll just address one of them, since it’s relevant to baseball.

    It’s only normal that Keith would go to a baseball game after his mother died, because THAT’S SOMETHING HE AND HIS MOM USED TO DO TOGETHER. Also, his mom was well-known among baseball players/managers/etc., so he was among people who offered him condolences. As someone who lost a dear, close relative myself, I can tell you from personal experience that a grieving person sometimes needs to get out and run away from the misery that weighs on them – it’s perfectly normal. What’s even more disgusting is that, if he had stayed home the whole time, you’d make vicious comments about that, too. No matter what Keith Olbermann says or does, you’ll twist it into a vile pack of lies.

    Countdown’s viewers don’t “idolize” Keith Olbermann. We simply are able to agree or disagree with him, without wasting our lives making a blog about it, and writing about him on other people’s blogs. In short, we have lives. Maybe if you people had lives, you’d have better things to do than troll other people’s blogs.



    Sweep the leg!

    Loud internet noises!

    Three question marks every time!

    I was talking about Simmons, jackass. Do you even know why you’re here?


    Hey Keith, you probably won’t see this. I don’t think I could wade through the comments above to get to little ol’ me. Many were quite vile and generally unpleasent. Just in case, I wanted you to see a kind word or two near the bottom.

    I wanted to say that I’m glad that you are able to take a few minutes to get away from the crisis your family is dealing with. I know that you can’t leave New York to hang out at spring training because you are your dad’s medical proxy. It’s nice that you can at least write about baseball.

    I can only speak for myself, but when things are hard I’m grateful that I have intrests and hobbies that help me to ‘reset the spring’ as a friend of mine says. I know, from your own testimony, that baseball helps you to do this.

    I wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you. You have a very dedicated fan base and we all love you. I know that you know this but, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded. All my love to you and your family. Give your dad a kiss for me :).


    I agree that Simmons’ Ali-Woods column was an unfortunate stretch (people born after the dark days of the Vietnam War simply cannot understand how volatile the times were, no matter how many books we read).

    Still, that’s no reason to dismiss everything he does. He’s a talented, funny writer. His observations are the only things entertaining about the NBA, trust me. But Simmons is at his best when he’s writing about watching sports and sports movies, not when he’s editorializing.

    Keith, I’m a new fan of this blog. Frankly, THIS is what you have over Simmons: your sports passion. Baseball beats basketball hands down.


    Keith don’t let these Olbermannwatch people get to you. You are perfect and I adore you as do many millions of your fans.


    Sorry, t, but if you don’t understand the sarcasm in the ‘sweep the leg’ reference, you don’t read much Simmons.


    Hey John,

    You called me out, mentioned me in your comment and I wanted to direct you to the comment preceding my comment. The one by joeblowski. If you do not consider that comment to be vile and generally unpleasent then I pretty much have nothing else to say to you.

    My father has terminal cancer. My son has just gotten a clean PET scan but he’s been fighting Hodgkins Lymphoma for a year today. A very long year. I have also sent ‘all my love’ to Diogenes and her family. It is not some mindless fangirl sentiment. It’s an affection for another person who I respect and who is facing similar circumstances.

    I don’t expect Keith to be a perfect human being. He can be over the top sometimes. I almost always agree with him. I don’t believe his show to be filled with hate. I’ve seen him use his platform for the greater good. Keith does not want this blog to be used for politics. He wants to keep them seperate. I just felt the need to defend my comments.

    Keith, I’ll continue to send positive thoughts your way. All my best to you and your family. Give your dad a kiss for me…if I ask enough times, you just might do it 🙂


    I don’t normally name names when I post. I reviewed the comments leading up to my origional post and I stand by the statement. Many (not all) were vile and unpleasent. I didn’t read them all because they were making me sick to my stomach. I have no problem with constructive critisism, some comments were just that, many were not.

    I did state that I don’t expect Keith to be perfect. He isn’t. He doesn’t claim to be perfect.

    I don’t think that Michelle Malkin, Paris Hilton or Fox News need me to defend them. I only know that Malkin exsists because Keith has mentioned her. I don’t pay attention to spoiled heiresses and Fox News is far too right wing for me. I don’t belong to that tribe.

    I came to this blog to read what Keith had to say about baseball and to see if there was an update on his father’s condition. I was appalled by the visciousness of the comments. I apoligize that my humble attempt to give support to a fellow human being was offensive to you. I know that Keith and his family are going through a difficult time. Had I known that offering a small amount of comfort to the author and his family would create this much havoc, I would have done so elseware. The last thing I intended was to make this comment thread more volatile.

    I have no desire to debate you on this in this forum. This is not a place for political discussion. You are more than welcome to email me if you wish to continue this discussion. I fear that my response to this has hijacked a part of the thread. So….Go Red Sox!


    greetings mr o. first off sorry about your dad. i couldn’t find a way to send you a mail so i’m usurping this baseball blog for an end to my nasty means. it wouldn’t matter anyway beacuse the redsox rule and since george the boommer scott retired, the game’s not been the same. anyway. i’ve got a great idea for your show, to freshen things up! instead of worst person or hall of shame, how about white trash of the week? this week for instance we could take boehner for his thinly veiled hatred, naugebauer for his asinine, and rehearsed comments and of course lonesome roads for his latest violence incitement diatribe. at the end you will however have to get used to saying : and these are the latest winners in our ratings of white trash of the weeeeek! ttfn




    Good article. Thanks for sharing . I believe everybody knows that Orsino was later part of another baseball rarity when he caught a game during which both pitchers tossed one-hitters. The only players to record hits in the game were the catchers. I remember what Meyer did during the game in 1964 after which the critical sequence started like this: Lead-off double by the Horse, replaced by the Rabbit as a pinch runner. If that’s not wise managing I don’t know what is.


    I like your sense of humor especially the Tiger Wood comparison to the 1960s Mohammad Ali?s comeback. People rise to varied positions without any discerning talent not even insight. The sports Guy is the bomb and so he needs not to get off of his high horse. Jordan


    I’ve been to the baseball hall of fame several times. I love that place. I saw Orsino’s picture and description…very cool stuff. I have his rookie card, does anyone know that blue book value of it? I have several hall of famer’s rookie cards…but it seems like no one collects these things anymore.


    Once the Orioles fire Buck they’ll win the World Series the next year. That’s his purpose in baseball.

    Keith takes himself too seriously as a political pundit (thus his show is now unwatchable) his sports views about 642-515 are usually pretty good.


    “I saw Orsino’s picture and description…very cool stuff. I have his rookie card, does anyone know that blue book value of it?”

    Hey Rewp22 – try checking out I have several vintage baseball cards, and this site has been great. And to Keith, great job with the post. It was a nice trip down nostalgia lane. They sure don’t make them like they used to.


    I came to this blog to read what Keith had to say about baseball and to see if there was an update on his father’s condition. I was appalled by the viciousness of the comments. I apologize that my humble attempt to give support to a fellow human being was offensive to you. I know that Keith and his family are going through a difficult time. Had I known that offering a small amount of comfort to the author and his family would create this much havoc, 70-432I would have done so else ware. The last thing I intended was to make this comment thread more volatile.I can only speak for myself, but when things are hard I’m grateful that I have interests and hobbies that help me to ‘reset the spring’ as a friend of mine says. I know, from your own testimony, that baseball helps you to do this.


    I love both Keith and Bill Simmons… Doesn’t anyone else like both guys? They have interesting views on sports and get their messages across with insight, clarity and in a way that is easy for someone like me who isn’t SUPER into sports to understand.


    Sorry to say this but Bill Simmons (whose work I didn’t know till this day) is anything but irreverent. No matter what he actually says, his superficial approach leaves the real meat of any subject on the table, and reduces any real criticism to mere chat. That’s not being irreverent, that’s being immature and not very professional, in my opinion. J.T. repossessed cars news.


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