Not So Big Mac After All

A full week of exhibition games in, and Mark McGwire is clearly not on his way to setting a single-season record for confrontational interviews. Not even TMZ-style ambush. 

Sure, sure, they’re pulling his name off his highway in Missouri and given it to Mark Twain (begging the question: they’re just now getting around to honoring Mark Twain?). But this today, from the local paper in Naples, Florida, seems to be more representative of the overall tone to the start of the McGwire post-steroid, post-I-did-it-for-my-health-interview, era:

“There is a lot of negativity and failure in baseball. It’s nice to talk about how positive it can be. I’m a positive person,” McGwire said.

With that apparently not ironic use of “positive” there, presumably psychiatrists have just upgraded Mac a few notches in preparation for their upcoming Psychology Rotisserie Draft. But we move on.
There are three ways to read the slow start to McGwire Season. Firstly, it’s just that, a slow start. The real tests start Friday when the Cardinals play the Red Sox, and then next Monday as they begin a virtual playoff series with the Mets (also Saturday, a week from Thursday, the 28th, and 30th – should you want to start circling your calendar). The players are irrelevant; the writers mattered. One can infer from giving New York’s Grouchiest five separate shots at Mac, that the schedule was either drawn up long before McGwire’s hiring, or somebody in St. Louis really doesn’t like Mark.
The second theory is that McGwire’s return really is no big deal, positive or negative, and the writers have correctly gauged the spirit of the times. Since the writers only correctly gauge the spirit of the times once every 12.7 years (and when they do, 60 percent of them ignore it and write anyway), I’m not putting a lot of money on this one.
The third one, I think, is the likeliest. Mark McGwire is simply being forgotten to death. The first evidence of this syndrome – a kind of psychological universal asterisk – was apparent when ESPN’s Barry Bonds Reality Show bombed. It did not generate controversy, it was not attacked as exploitive, it wasn’t even criticized as bad TV. It was just that outside the Bay Area and a small circle of other admirers, nobody wanted to hear from or about Barry Bonds, ever again. As if by a collective unspoken will: Barry Bonds hit more home runs, and Henry Aaron is still baseball’s all-time home run leader.
Perhaps this invisible fog is now enveloping McGwire. Nobody’s raising a stink, because nobody takes him seriously. 
Maybe the Missouri Department of Transportation should have re-named the McGwire Highway after another former Cardinals hero: Roger Maris.
Imagine if this had happened a little later in baseball’s history – it wouldn’t have been labeled “trivia.” When the Dodgers played an exhibition against the Braves in Vero Beach on March 11, 1967, two late, one-inning defensive replacements for Los Angeles included first baseman Sadaharu Oh, and third baseman Shigeo Nagashima. There’s even an Associated Press wire photo of one of the Japanese immortals, Nagashima, taking a throw as Atlanta’s Jim Beauchamp slides into third. The photo is not on the net, only in a digitized version of the Chicago Tribune’s hard copy, so it’s tough to be certain but it appears Nagashima is wearing not a Dodgers’ uniform, but his Tokyo Yomiuri Giants’ garb.
Belated thanks to all who have posted comments lately with well wishes for my father, who continues to fight his illness, more than two weeks after he lost wakefulness, and more than six months after he was first hospitalized. Your support is of great value to me (and my thanks to MSNBC for its understanding in this time, and, for that matter, MLB.Com, for providing this oasis where I can immerse myself in the game between trips to his bedside). This is, in fact, what baseball is for.

I’d also like to welcome new reader Bill Simmons, who has been kind enough to tweet about my note here last week already ceding him the dumbest sportswriting award of 2010 for his laugh-out-loud funny argument that the comeback of Tiger Woods (caught having repeated trouble with his putts) will be more difficult than that of Muhammad Ali (persecuted by the federal government for the color of his skin, his stance against the war, and his religious conversion, and effectively banned from his sport for two years).

Mr. Simmons tweets:

I’m furious that my Tiger column distracted America from a detailed and only mildly creepy case for Johnny Orsino’s Hall of Fame candidacy.

via UberTwitter

This is pretty standard stuff for Mr. Simmons. Make a fool of yourself comparing Tiger Woods (loss of advertisers) to Muhammad Ali (loss of income, threatened loss of freedom), so change the topic – to an admittedly trivial column about a trivial moment from a marginal catcher named John Orsino.

Mr. Simmons resumes:

KO, please know the feeling is mutual. You’re my worst case scenario for my career in 12 yrs: a pious, unlikable blowhard who lives alone.

via UberTwitter

This assumes that Mr. Simmons’ career now is where mine was twelve years ago (anchoring SportsCenter, then my own MSNBC political show, anchoring NBC Weekend Nightly News, writing a best-selling sports book, etc). In fact, this assumes that this is Mr. Simmons’ career, which is remarkable. Also, anybody who could write as many words without saying anything of consequence really should throw around the word “blowhard” as frequently as he would a street sewer cover.

Also, I don’t think “pious” necessarily means what he thinks it does.
Having made his point 50% of his words ago, Mr. Simmons still continues. As usual:

I feel bad about saying Olbermann lives alone. I forgot about his cats.

via UberTwitter

Mr. Simmons apparently uses, for factual research, old parody sketches from “Saturday Night Live.” I’m not surprised. That was Ben Affleck. Thanks for playing.
I am surprised, however, to be able to shed some light on something that has been a prominent topic of late around the internet: the prospect that Mr. Simmons is leaving ESPN. Admittedly I am something of an authority on this process. Nonetheless, I was stunned to receive several emails from some of Mr. Simmons’ bosses there, thanking me for pointing out the absurdity of, and the embarrassment to ESPN provided by, the Woods/Ali comparison.
About five years ago, I guess, somebody said Tony Kornheiser was the most uncontrollable, unmanageable talent in the history of ESPN. I was, of course, crushed (although I believe I got honorable mention). When ESPN bosses are writing me for helping them about somebody they claim has now lapped Tony and myself, I am left to conclude only that if Mr. Simmons does leave ESPN, it may not be entirely of his own choosing.
And we now encourage Mr. Simmons to again falme the comments section under various identities, to his heart’s content. This is a managed site, and they can take ’em down. But enjoy yourself.



    Keith, do you realize that he actually tried to grievously and cruelly insult you by comparing you to a *woman*?

    This guy needs to have the word CRAFTSMAN stamped on his forehead as a warning to the rest of the world.

  2. sfdave127743

    Keith — In fairness to Simmons, maybe he couldn’t use “santimonious” and get under the 140 character limit?

    I kid.


    Excuse me. Watch the woman insult.

    KO, I too, am watching Spring Training games through I am having so much fun, the mini view while preparing budgets, etc.

    Know that you do not believe, but he and you, are prayerfully thought about.


    Humh, Barry Bonds Reality Show…. heck, I live in the Bay Area, love the Giants, and I never even HEARD of this show! It really must not have gotten any advertising.

    S. Ray


    “Bonds on Bonds” I believe was the name of it. I personally enjoyed the previous “reality show” featuring Bonds, in which ESPN made poor, Pedro Gomez follow Bonds around like a hapless puppy dog for a couple seasons, as Bonds fraudulently chased down history. Ahhh, precious memories.


    McGwire… McGwire… I’m sure I’ve heard that name somewhere before…. oh well. It’ll come to me eventually. I love baseball, but I hate what steroids and money have done to the sport, and to the players. I will always watch and enjoy, but I think I could appreciate it more if those two items weren’t such a huge consideration. Then again, I suppose nothing in life is ever truly pure, though… so enjoy what you can and don’t let the negative stuff wear you down, right? P.S. – love the irony of McGwire saying he’s “positive”. Wow. Glad to hear your father is hanging in there. This has been a rough year for a lot of people, and it has barely started. Wishing you both strength and happiness, wherever you can find it. As to that last item, I saw some of the madness. What a crazy couple of days that was. Glad they can clean up the site, though. One last thing – how do you think the Mariners will do this year? I’m hoping for a good year, but I have no idea. Would love to see your predictions on that one. Thanks.


    Mr. Olbermann, I appreciate your work however I find it funny that there never seem to be any posts that disagree with you. You state that you believe Bill Simmons is secretly commenting on your posts under false names. I have a question, are you serious? You mention that the site is regulated and comments can be removed so given that information I’m sure this will be removed too simply because I’m questioning the almighty Keith Olbermann. I can assure you I’m not Bill Simmons, in fact I’m not, nor have I ever been a fan of his. You have every right to criticize his argument about Tiger and Ali, however having comments removed because they go against what you think is ridiculous and it completely discredits you as a reporter.

    Not Bill Simmons


    @ms1010 – A typo is easily corrected and forgiven, unlike Simmons’ laundry list of research errors he’s made. Seriously, check out the guy’s blog. He says, himself, that he’s going to hire INTERNS to help him clean up all the mistakes.


    Mark McWhiner’s lot in life seems on the verge of being summed up by an Oscar Wilde quote: “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” You know you’ve hit bottom when they take your name off a highway previously named after you…ROTFL!

    Too bad that pic of Nagashima in his Jaiantsu (=Giants) uniform isn’t on the “internets”, as that would be interesting to look at. I’ve never seen the older Jaiantsu uniforms. 😦

    I hope I’m not being presumptuous by saying great minds think alike, but I think you’ll be amused by my observations of Bill Simmons’ “research” on my Twitter account (tweets #1-#5). On an unrelated note, you might also be amused by the Beck video I made (link in tweet #17). Linkage:

    I found it interesting and hilarious, that you actually got e-mails from some of Simmons’ bosses, in reference to his absurd Woods/Ali comparison…thanking you for pointing it out, no less! I hope this does lead to a less-than-amicable departure from ESPN. Anyone who would insult Ali by comparing his struggle to Tiger Woods’ entirely preventable scandal doesn’t deserve to be with any reputable media organization. Simmons and Woods do have something in common, however; Simmons doesn’t know when to keep his mouth zipped, and Woods doesn’t know when to keep…something else zipped.

    I’m terribly sorry to hear that your dad still hasn’t awakened, but I hope that his white blood cell count numbers are improving. I’m working on a little tribute to him, which I’ll post to this blog when it’s ready. Stay tuned, and stay strong…but allow yourself those moments of weakness when you need them. Because sometimes the greatest strength is being able to acknowledge when you’re feeling vulnerable.

  9. 1948braves

    I would have to believe this is Mark McGwire’s attempt at winning back the fans. His objective I should think right now is to get into the Hall of Fame. Or perhaps not. Maybe he just misses the game. I don’t know. Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, Clemens, Manny. So many damn good ballplayers who didn’t have to go down that road. But the money was there. The accolades. The need to be the best. Was it worth it to them? I bet they have learned that nothing is worth cashing in on your integrity. Nothing. Especially when you hit the big leagues. If you’re fortunate, you have 10-15 years to give it all you have with the abilities you possess. And then leave with your head held high as you pass the torch to a new generation. That’s baseball.

    Hopefully we can all move on, just as we always do. I hope the fans and the writers in New York and Boston come to realize that McGwire is not worth hating or loathing any longer. None of those players are. They’ve been exposed. The HOF is most likely out of their reach. That should be enough. Except for one thing – seeing to it that Roger Maris gets into the HOF – where he belongs – as per attached article.

    In the meantime, it’s time to concentrate on the players of today and a new baseball season.

    “Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again. That’s the way life is, with a new game every day, and that’s the way baseball is.” Bob Feller

  10. wellsoliver

    For the record, the Orsino post was awesome and one of the reasons I love coming here. DON’T EVER CHANGE OLBAHMANN!


    First of all, to those in the comments section: “Falme” is a derivation of “Flame” and is combined, in essence, with “Fail”. It was originally a typo that was adopted by bloggers, much like the word “moran” which came from a sign held by…. (wait for it) a moron. Which fits some of the comments left by those who came to the defense of Simmons over the weekend. Not all of the comments were bad, but quite a few were, and fit the definition of “falme”. They were flaming Keith, but many failed because they were rude, derisive, or extremely offensive without having any real substance. Name-calling does not count as legitimate debate, which is unfortunate for those who engage in it and seem to know little else. To the other person who seems to think Keith Olbermann will have his comment removed: Do you see the words underneath each comment? “Report any abuse or spam”? Those are there for people who frequent this blog and the others here at They are there so that offensive posts can be reported and removed – by anyone who posts here. That means that the offensive posts were not removed by Keith himself, but by people who were offended by name-calling and extremely offensive language. And when someone starts wishing people dead – YES, that is offensive.


    Hang in there Keith, so glad you are with your Dad at this time. Blessings upon you and yours.


    Mr. Olbermann:

    I am not in the media, and even I had been hearing about how Simmons loyal following was dominating You Tube hits as a result of a mention in his column- you HAD to know this- your intentional effort to take him on confirms my suspicion you do all of this for controversy/publicity, sort of like a modern day Howard Cosell- you making 7 mill a year, I have to say it is working.


  14. teemsun

    Once again, a thoughtful entry.

    That said, how naive and arrogant are you to think that all pro-Simmons comments must be left by Simmons himself? For crying out loud, he’s the most-read internet sportswriter and his book hit #1 on the NYTimes Bestseller list. How can you not expect his readers to show up on your blog in his defense? Let’s hope you just made a failed attempt at sarcasm.

    And just humble up and admit it: both you and Simmons are engaging, thoughtful, and successful, albeit in totally different ways. You need to understand that his Woods/Ali argument was not about who’s comeback resonated with greater political/cultural significance; that’s obviously a no-brainer. It was about the degree of difficulty in bouncing back from a purely athletic standpoint.

  15. phillycrewer

    could care less about bill simmons or tiger (though there has NEVER been a good reason to compare him to ali), i just wanted to take a second to wish you well in what are undoubtedly the most difficult of times. keep your eye on the ball kid, and remember whats important….its not bill simmons

  16. bravesbravesbraves

    “Anyone who would insult Ali by comparing his struggle to Tiger Woods’ entirely preventable scandal doesn’t deserve to be with any reputable media organization.”

    That would be an insightful comment if that was what the debate was about. No one is comparing their reason for “exile”, only the difficulty in coming back relative to the public sentiment directed towards them at the time.


    Too funny. A couple of the Simmons commenters accused Keith of making up new names and logins in order to defend himself, so when he makes the same accusation back (but with a dash of wit)…. they just don’t get it. 🙂 Gotta love it.


    I don’t know about you, gashouser… but I would rather see a good message poorly delivered, than a lie delivered with grace and panache. That’s one reason I like reading Keith’s blog and watching his show – he delivers truth, reason and compassion… with wit, style, and brilliance. We get the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, far too many of his detractors here have given out nothing more than attacks on his character, and vicious name-calling. Very little in the way of reasoned argument. Nothing beautiful or interesting there. What a shame. To Keith – loved the Twain/Clemens update. Nice. 🙂 And I’ll echo those who have sent their best wishes to you and your father. It’s a shame that some don’t seem to understand that it really is possible to care about people we’ve never met – people other than ourselves. It would be a better world if everyone had that capacity. Good luck to both of you, and be well.


    “caught having repeated trouble with his putts” Ha! Good one. My Yiddish is limited and out of use.


    Hello Keith, I just want to send my best wishes to you & your dad and to tell you how much we all miss you.

    Lawrence is doing a great job, but he is not you

    Hurry back dude


    Mark claimed he’s a “positive person,” huh? PAGING DR. FREUD! I doubt the enhanced Mr. MacGuire even got the irony of his comment. And, I’m sorry to have to disagree with the lateness of Mark Twain being “honored” by a highway; I haven’t read a darn think from Twain that I’ve liked. HUCK FINN is particularly odious; I had to read it AGAIN in a literary criticism class in grad school & barely got through the thing.

  22. teemsun

    Forget about debating the respective merits and writing abilities of Simmons and Olbermann. If the volume of comments on Simmons-related entries relative to that of any other one is any indication, we can probably infer who is the more popular, at least in cyberspace. This is a niche blog and Olbermann did himself a great favor publicity-wise by inadvertently picking this fight.


    Olbermann raises a valid point. Simmons often uses 300 words when 20 would suffice. Word economy!

  24. vegasfan

    KO, I have a blog and really need some traffic. If I criticize you repeatedly and make a lame attempt to connect a current sports “hero” to an all-time great, will you repeatedly use my name in a lengthy post?


    My thoughts & prayers go out to you and the Olbermann family at this time.
    You showed great love and compassion… I am humbled.


    I agree, Mark McGwire is really a name of the past, and I think the home-run race between him and BBonds is all but forgotten to people outside baseball fans (who are likely trying to forget it!). Sometimes amnesia can rekindle the spirit, especially in professional sports.
    -G, appliances blogger


    The Big Mac was only the big mac because of illegal PED’s. I remember watching the race between him and Sosa that summer like it was yesterday. As a life long Cub’s fan I am not defending Sosa or his sudden loss of english in direct tv court hearings. Thank god for new and better testing procedures to help us from using the asterisk in the future.


    Also KO was defending his career which if you had been paying attention BS attacked. I will tell you once again KO arguing what he thinks is right is not pettiness. Also That is what KO talked about and I talked about also how does that make KO wrong. testking JN0-304Also why did Bs and his fans not say this instead of attacking KO. Also KO did not mention names gas is not making stuff up maybe those people asked KO not to mention thier names how gas do you what was said in those emails that KO read in his email again you show that you have no earthly idea what you are saying. testking 646-985Also you again show why i trust KO instead of you because you have no clue what a adult is you think it okay to call someone a third grader because i think that you are being naive about something I apologize of you took offense to that but please learn spelling has zero to do with passing the third grade has zero to with the article and shows that you are just as bad as the person
    thanks to share informative information


    You would know that if you had read the article. Also i hate to break it to you but from what i am reading on the internet aka deadspin BS has attacked other people for questioning his writing instead of defending what he writes. It also seems from what i read that this guy does this when someone criticizes him. Also someone notices that he also does not always follow through on his says aka hiring a intern to correct his mistakes. Learn gas from what i said up top KO is not perfect I do not expect him to be but why are making it out like BS is a saint who is above criticism all you Bs fans from what i see do this and makes me sick because it shows you care only about the person instead of what the criticism is. maybe like that person up to said KO should phrase that differently but that still does not make wrong or he thinks wrong and that certainly does not make him petty. Also why can you not debate KO on that and say he wrong instead of attacking him and say all of sudden you lost respect for him. Also KO was defending his career which if you had been paying attention BS attacked.


    Big Mac certainly isn’t the big mac everyone thought he was. Despite his poor performance on Capital Hill and bad regenerect reviews, he has really bounced back as the hitting coach for the Cardinals. Larussa and him seem to gell well, and Pujos is dominating.

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