Beerless Forecasts



    Glad to hear you’ll be back at your “other gig”. 🙂 I like seeing you there – and here. Don’t know much about fantasy leagues, but I remember the prediction you made (last year?) about the Superbowl, and you hit it right on the head. Watching the game, I remember thinking “Huh… Keith got it exactly right”. Of course, now… I can’t remember what the prediction was, exactly. Figures. Glad to hear you named your teams after your father – I think he would be honored. Good luck!!


    Beerless forecasts? Gasp! Not even a draught of lite beer, or a swig of a wine spritzer???

    AND NOW, MAJORLY, MAJORLY, MAJORLY OFF TOPIC (but I’m gonna say it anyway):

    Keith, so glad to hear you’ll be returning to your regular gig full time. Between you and Anthony Bourdain of the Travel Channel, you’ve made watching TV fun again. I can’t stand all of that reality TV crap and never watch any of it. All this time, I thought you New York guys were just perpetually **********. Maybe you really are, but I’m not completely sold. I hear way too much heart and hilarity and good old-fashioned horse sense in what you guys have to say. And being that we’re contemporaries, so much the better.

    Any chance you might have Tony on your show sometime? While not a political commentator, he’s funny and usually has something interesting and/or new to say about the world. Also, he’s not a bad looking bloke, and cleans up nicely, too . . . ‘

    Nice touch honoring your papa . . . I wouldn’t expect anything less from you.



    Well, the censors didn’t like my choice of words. I see the F-bomb all over the freakin’ Internet, but they won’t accept **********???

    So, OK. Insert the abbreviation PO’d where the string of asterisks are.


    @ashoein – I’m guessing they figure baseball is a family-oriented game, is why they’re censoring even the mildest semi-profanity. 🙂

    I couldn’t help but laugh at a couple of the names in this blog entry. Upon seeing Corey Hart, I wondered what the heck a singer had to do with baseball. I also did a double-take at Mel Antonen…I thought it was a play on “melatonin”! In my defense, I just woke up a little while ago, at 4am, so I’m still pretty tired….

    You mentioned Tim Lincecum’s delivery, and I agree that it’s not wise for an athlete (or anyone, for that matter) to overdo things when they’re young. That’s a good way to set yourself up for an injury and persistent problems in the future. I speak from personal experience. I paid my way through a private high school by doing janitorial work, because a corn allergy prevented me from doing detasseling, which most of my classmates did. My “time-saving shortcuts” included tossing my supplies into a large (and by now, heavy) trash bag, then carrying it over one shoulder, and hauling a vacuum cleaner on my back, as I went up to the third floor to start cleaning. (There was no elevator.) Sure, I didn’t have to keep running up and down stairs to get my supplies…but now I have lower back problems to show for it. Too late, I learned that the established method of doing things is often there for a reason: To avoid injury. Lincecum would probably do well to learn that lesson, as well, before he develops chronic problems.

    It will be good to see you back on Countdown again tonight. I hope you’re not rushing things, but I’m sure you have your reasons for making this decision, so far be it from me to question them. I’m just a worrier, that’s all. 🙂

    It’s so appropriate, and touching, that you’ve named your fantasy leagues after your father. I’ve found that, in the grieving process, every little thing you can do to honor that person’s memory is a soothing balm for the soul.


    Aww. You’re such a dork. : )
    I make predictions, too…

    I’m glad you’ll be back on Countdown, Keith. : D

  6. nightowl4music

    Keith, I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of predictions you have about the Cubs this year……..I’d like to know if it’ll be worth the driving time and hassle of hauling along my portable oxygen tanks to actually go watch some live games this year 😉

    It’s nice to see you coming back to your other gig, too…….Lawrence did great as a pinch-hitter for you, but the show just isn’t the same without you at the desk, our star slugger, batting away at the egregious bullcrap being shoveled out by the right-wing noise machine. Looking forward to tonight 😀

    NightOwl40 from Daily Kos

  7. 1948braves

    “Thank goodness Dent is no home run threat.” Now there’s a quote for the ages! lol I didn’t realize you were at the 1978 playoff game @ Fenway. I have always looked at that game/season as my coming of age baseball fan. It hurt like hell when we lost. My memory is that Yastrzemski popped up to third for the last out in ’78, with a runner on third. I could be wrong, but that’s the way I have always remembered it. The Red Sox had a 14 game lead over the NYY that summer, only to see it slip away, one miserable game at a time. But I just assumed Yastrzemski would come through for us in his last at bat. Tear jerker ending for me. And there were to be a few more in the coming years. But that was the first.

    As far as predictions, I think all fans should have some fun and pick who they believe will get to the World Series just before the season starts. It’s always challenging and very very difficult to pick teams before the season has started. 162 games is one very long tough road, and to pick not only division winners, but also teams we think will make it to the World Series are so hard to nail down in April. It’s almost impossible to predict. But then I guess that’s what makes it so fun. I always thought fans should have the right to change their minds on the first day of summer, long before a team has wrapped anything up, but time enough to get a good feel for each team. Good luck with everyone’s selections.

    “It’s hard to win a pennant, but it’s harder losing one.” Chuck Tanner


    Well Mr Keith Im sure glad your up and running again,please accept my condolences on your Dad the mental pain you endured can so blindingly numb your sole ,so come back strong my friend and as Oat Willy used to say “onward through the Fog.


  9. pepefreeus

    It’s quasi-OT but I’m glad to see that you use “archtypical.” I’ve never really liked the way “archtypal” looked in print or sounded coming off of the tongue. They’re equally correct but I strongly prefer the former.

    And I agree about Ryan Howard. I’ve taken grief for it but I think that he could, and should, be a better and more complete hitter. His window of opportunity may be starting to close.


    OK, so you called Gibby’s shot. Very nice. (Hersheiser was the real hero of that series, but i digress…)

    Well, Keith, i called Johnny Damon’s two homers in 7th game of ’04 ALCS — both times called it as pitcher was winding up… both times clear homer, off the bat… both times cheered wildly and pictured nails being driven into yankee coffin in this, the final act, of “the colossal collapse.” And lest we forget, one of Damon’s dings was a grand slam. Both predictions were witnessed by my kids, who took me for a temporary god.

    So glad JD’s a Tiger… now i can root for him again!

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