Reyes And Ruth And (T.) Rex

Fascinating to watch Jose Reyes, out nearly a year, so rusty and nervous that he stutter-stepped towards a grounder early in the Mets-Nats game Saturday afternoon, and barely made it in time to the bag on a 2-4 doubleplay. Yet by the 8th inning he was barehanding a grounder, and in the 9th, leading an abortive rally on an otherwise frustrating day for the Queens faithful.

Jenrry Mejia pitched the 9th – first time I’ve seen him in person – and it was evident why the Mets succumbed to the temptation to keep him. He cannot throw a fastball that does not move, and some of them drop so alarmingly out of the strike zone that he just vaguely evokes the cutter of Mariano Rivera.
And he signs…
Now a redux from last night. Messed around with that pose next to the odd shot of Babe Ruth hanging in the Yankees’ midtown Suite Display:
And the “Walking The Dinosaur” promotion in Chicago (I know it’s not a T. Rex). You have a caption for this? (“Jamie Moyer’s high school pitching coach throws out first pitch” ?)


Oh wow… I just had a good caption pop into my head, but I don’t think I can post it here. I’ll tweet it to you – I’m “ReasonVsFear” on Twitter. And yeah… I’m bad. I admit it. But I told my mother the caption, and she laughed, so it’s not THAT bad… just a little too much for the MLB blog. 🙂

Nope, no caption. Not feeling particularly witty right now. Giants lost but I’m watching the post-game fireworks out my living room window right now. Thought I’d catch the ferry over for tomorrow’s game – 10th anniv. of the stadium – but it’s gonna rain. 😦

I guess I can make my caption safe for MLB Blogs…. considering the way the “pitcher” is posed, and the fact that we’re talking about “Walking the Dinosaur”, my caption would be something like “I have four?? Really??”

How about this one “In Chicago, the White Sox Go Old School!

Don’t know if you’ve seen this series in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Enjoy. Jan

Love the b/w picture. You bear a striking resemblance to Walter O’Malley in the Brooklyn days with the grey suit and dark tie, clear rimmed glasses.

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