Jackie Robinson Night

FROM YANKEE STADIUM – Robinson Cano, named for Jackie Robinson, homers twice. Jackies widow, Rachel, appears at the ceremonies here tonight, and continues to defy age. She is elegant, beautiful, and moves with grace and confidence. She is 87 years old -you would be hard-pressed to believe she is even 60. The night, with everybody up to and including the umpires wearing Number 42, is perfect (or would be if it hadnt dropped 15 degrees in the fourth inning!).


  1. dleary1

    Two facts buried in history (I knew of the second): Jackie was court marshaled in 1944 for refusing to move to the back of the bus; he had to denounced Paul Robson in 1949 before HUAC. It’s grand to celebrate what he did; more troubling to remember what he had to endure.

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