Jean Afterman Talks A Little Smack

As Joe Girardi and President Obama held the World Series Trophy, the verbal jousting at the White House between The White-Sox-Fan-In-Chief and an “unidentified” member of the party of New York Yankees has already been wildly misquoted to include words like “hate.” It actually went thusly, according to a careful review of the audio on the videotape:

Yankee: Wanna hold it? You may not get the chance to again!

President: And you wonder why the other teams don’t root for them.

The “unidentified” speaker is Jean Afterman, Vice President and Assistant General Manager, and the executive in charge of the Yanks’ international player procurement.


  1. thehaloshotcorner


    This is one more thing among many that President Obama and I agree on, as a die-hard Angels fan I believe the collusion between Bobby Wilson and Mark Teixeira was dirty, not for the play itself, but for Mark Teixeira’s nonchalant attitude after the play, he could have at least checked on Bobby Wilson to make sure he was okay. I can’t help but wonder if that’s the Yankees’ way of conducting themselves. I think the need an attitude adjustment across the board, I believe that’s why baseball fans that are not Yankee fans, universally dislike the New York Yankees. It’s not jealousy for their 27 World Series Championships but it’s because of their inability to recognize how privileged they are to be in a professional baseball organization.


  2. mantlewasarockstar

    From my “handle” you can correctly surmise I am a Yankee fan. I also don’t condone unsportsmanship, from any team or player, including those who I root for. (Which is why I did not take A-Rod’s side in the Braden affair in Oakland.)

    As far as I can tell, Tex does not have an attitude problem. But perhaps his reaction to the collision with Wilson may have been rooted in having been hit by an Ervin Santana pitch earlier in the inning.


    – Teixeira was hit by a pitch by the Angels’ Ervin Santana earlier in the inning, something [Torii] Hunter suggested motivated the Yankees first baseman. Santana made the same suggestion, according to

    “It’s early in the game, the third inning, and you don’t expect something like that,” Hunter said. “The guy’s upset. He’s on a mission. Tex is a great guy, but even good guys get upset sometimes. I’ve been there.”

    – Teixeira told he felt “horrible” about the play and that he tried calling the Angels clubhouse on Friday night and also sent messages to Wilson.

    – Angels manager Mike Scioscia, also an ex-big league catcher, called it a clean play.

    So, let’s not attack an entire organization over this, shall we? Especially if the opposing team isn’t doing it.

  3. thehaloshotcorner


    The play itself was possibly not dirty, but the attitudes displayed in front of the camera were, the mound incident in Oakland between Alex Rodriguez and Dallas is yet another example, I’m not attacking the organization, the organization itself is very classy, I am however, attacking the nonchalant attitudes within the organization. Sometimes perception dwarfs fact, all I can tell you is a left a very bad taste in Angel fans’ collective mouth. Especially since Mark himself is a former angel.

    If you would like to continue this conversation, I cordially invite you over to my website and post your comments under the appropriate entry, I’d talked extensively about the situation there. It’s a site where all opinions are respected, yet not necessarily agreed upon.

    (Keith, thank you for allowing us to express ourselves freely and openly I wish others would take from your example, you are also invited to partake on my site anytime you would like thank you!)


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    I can tell you is a left a very bad taste in Angel fans’ collective mouth. Especially since Mark himself is a former angel.
    If you would like to continue this conversation, I cordially invite you over to my website and post your comments ,
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  14. Joe

    It sucked to see Robinson Cano Injured when the Yankees Lost to Baltimore, I was watching the game with my wife, at our country log cabin retreat, thankfully the neighbors back home couldn’t hear my cries and tears when the Yankees went down 6 and 3.

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