A month in, some predictions I made here that I’m very happy about:

 Joel Pineiro might have been the off-season’s most overrated signing… 

Pineiro: 2-3, 5.76 ERA.

…just for good measure, Cliff Lee is not only hurt – he has the most nagging and unpredictable of injuries for a baseball player, ‘something in the abdomen.’

First appearance coincides with first discussion of his next team. Yikes.

What’s the psychological saw about repeating the same unsuccessful action with confidence that this time it will succeed? The Brewers are confident Dave Bush, Doug Davis, and Manny Parra and/or Jeff Suppan constitute three-fifths of a pitching staff.

Bush, Davis and Suppan are 1-6. Parra hasn’t started – yet – but he’s 0-1.

Here’s a silly little question for ARIZONA about Edwin Jackson. If he’s good enough for you to have given up on Max Scherzer, why is he pitching for his third team in as many seasons? 

1-3, 8.07.

Manny Being Just Manny (No PEDs) is a just slightly better offensive force than, say, Mark DeRosa. The McCourt Divorce may be a lot more interesting than the 2010 Dodgers, and a lot less painful to watch.

Your 2010 Dodgers, 11-14.

Matt Capps is likelier to be fine in Washington than Octavio Dotel is in Pittsburgh (he can’t get lefties out!)

The above may be an ultimate no-contest before June 1. Neal Huntington’s statement about the Pirates’ closer situation is the reason most people usually say “without equivocation.” The question about Evan Meek’s ascent seems to be only when (ok, a little bit “how” – like “how do the Pirates explain they wasted 99% of their free agent budget on an 8th inning guy?”)

Andruw Jones, Francisco Liriano, Fausto Carmona and even Eric Chavez are your seasonal comebacks…

Not bad, huh? I mean you even have to give partial credit because it’s May 2 and Chavez isn’t hurt yet.

Wow does BALTIMORE not have pitching…

Actually they’ve been a little better than that.

…keep the Ortiz thought in the back of your mind. What if the second half of ’09 was the aberration, not the first half? Will the Sox have to bench him? And if so, could the twists and turns of fate find them suddenly grateful that they had been unable to trade Mike Lowell?

We’ve already seen this play out in one direction, it may now be reversing – but long term this will not end happily for Big Papi.

I think Tampa ends up with the best record…This time I like the Rays to win the Series, five years after other owners seriously murmured about moving them or contracting them…

So far so good. Notice I have left out the prediction about Ike Davis not coming up before June 1. Or May 1. I’ll still stop now, I’ve strained something batting myself on the back.


  1. swarty

    Where was the Mitch Talbot prediction?? Sadly one of the only bright spots this season for my hapless Tribe.

  2. jwin214

    Keith, I like you. And my team lost today. And then you swooped in with an answer to a burning question, and I liked your 3-word answer, and it made me smile. So I won’t bust your chops tonight. Let’s not talk about the standings in the NL East or NL West, okay. Instead, with my visor lowered to my neck (that’s the ponytail version of a hat-tip), hand extended and head bowed, and with my utmost sincerity, I congratulate you on your successes thus far. You rarely fail to impress me, sir.

    BUT, as my Dad used to tell me, “don’t break yer arm pattin’ yerself on the back.”

    Best of luck with your predictions as the season progresses. Except, of course, for the one that has the Giants not winning. šŸ™‚

  3. prjm

    How’s your Reds prediction looking for ya?

    Also, God forbid that Dave Miley takes over the Yankees. Managing the Reds was over his head!

  4. jeterandiborn62674

    Who could have predicted the Yankees would win seven of their first eight series but still be in second place? Watch out for my prediction: Prince Fielder will be in a Red Sox uniform before the trading deadline, and I will be a very sad Prince Fielder fan.

  5. jimmyjarhead

    Keith, I think it’s time to change the name of the blog; suggestions include baseball genius, baseball savant or perhaps Nostradamus of the diamond (too long ?).
    I am very impressed. Was in SoCal for a funeral, and decided to cheer myself and my “baby” bro up(he’s 45) with a trip to Petco. Very nice park, love the suites in the old warehouse and of course all their fans think they will stay in first for awhile. We were scouting their first sacker for a trip up the coast, and we are firm in our conviction that it will take a sack or two of coin to get him in the AL west. There is NO doubt that the M’s need someone who can get a dinger every now and then. Anemia, anyone?

  6. pepefreeus

    The Andruw Jones predicition is the one that I’m most pleased has come true.

    He’s been underappreciated for the bulk of his career. People (professionals who should know better) still habitually and reflexively manage to mispronounce the man’s very name. It’s nice to see him reminding people of how fine a career he’s had, (with some obvious hiccups), and continues to have.

  7. Juuuuust A Bit Outside....

    Hey KO – you should call into DP’s radio show to talk about how the Arizona immigration disaster affects the world of sports, especially baseball. Would be great radio.

    Go Yanks!


    Hey Keith! Quick question – how is Milton Bradley doing so far? I haven’t had the chance to see many of the Mariners games, and I know you talked about his history with other teams. Hoping he “magically” reforms, or something… šŸ™‚ By the way, you said at the end of your article “I’ll still stop now, I’ve strained something batting myself on the back.” Don’t you just love it when words that you type a lot pop up in the wrong places? Batting? Patting? @Jwin214 said “BUT, as my Dad used to tell me, “don’t break yer arm pattin’ yerself on the back.” I’ll have to add to that – don’t break your back while you’re “batting” yourself! Ahhh, typos… so much fun, and sometimes almost Freudian. You might want to save the batting practice for Twitter. šŸ˜‰ Have a great day!

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