Quick Plug

I dont generally do this, but if you want to pop over from the All-Star Game, Ill be joined by Joe Torre and Ken Burns to recall and reflect upon the life and death of George Steinbrenner – the two segments will begin about 40 minutes past the hour on Countdown.


  1. jeterandiborn62674

    At 8:40 Fox will probably still be doing promos for its fall lineup or having its “American Idol” contestant sing the National Anthem (or in this case the star of one of its shows who is also a former “American Idol” contestant, natch). Too bad Keith isn’t at the All-Star Game covering it. I seem to recall him being part of the coverage of the 1997 World Series on NBC. What I wouldn’t give to have Bob Costas, Joe Morgan, Keith, and Bob Uecker doing these big time games again. I feel like it’s a chore to sit through with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. Well, I’ll flip back and forth because, just as I was eager to read Keith’s words on this site, I wanted to see how he would cover on his show the passing of George Steinbrenner.

  2. janicecyoung@yahoo.com

    I heard you on the Ed Schultz show today. Good analysis on Steinbrenner. Can’t wait to see the insight Burns and Torre provide. Jan

  3. clnowacki@yahoo.com

    You estimated that almost perfectly jeterandiborn62674! Amber Riley was singing the anthem at 8:40!

    I record Countdown no matter what so I shall check out the segment when the game ends.

  4. mvp1957_58@yahoo.com


    I enjoy your blogs and the countdown podcast, but the Ken Burns & Joe Torre interview was not part of the podcast. Can you ask MSNBC to put it up on the Countdown homepage?

    Tom in NC

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