Episode Three: When They Were Minors

Another round of fun with vintage minor league cards of the more familiar figures of 2010:

These are both from Michael Cramer’s Pacific Trading Cards and both depict pretty good pitching coaches. That’s Dave Wallace (later interim GM of the Dodgers, currently minor league pitching instructor for the Braves) during a stint in AAA in 1976, and on the right, a decade later with Eugene Emeralds of the Northwest League, that’s current Angels’ pitching coach Mike Butcher.

We move to the broadcast booth. 31 years ago, Kevin Kennedy was one of the more highly-rated catching prospects in the minors, first in the Dodger system and then, as we see him on the 1979 TCMA Rochester Red Wings’ card on the left, with the Orioles. Kevin and I worked together at Fox Sports and he now does the Rays’ games with DeWayne Staats. On the right, the one and only Mark Grant of the Padres (and a commendable major league pitching career), from a Fritsch 1982 Midwest League set. That’s an extraordinary rare image of Mark. He appears to be not talking.

Finally, two current big league skippers. The card producers, on the left, Fritsch again, and on the right, a rare team-issued set from the Richmond Braves of 1971. I think you can identify them without my help, especially from the hand gesture from the gentleman on the right – which would be recognizable by any fan of the Giants, Cubs, or Reds, or any National League Umpire!


  1. clnowacki@yahoo.com

    I don’t know how I missed this when it was first posted (damn RSS feed!), but I am cracking up at the Mark Grant card!! He is my favorite part of watching the TV broadcasts of the game because he makes me laugh at least three times a game with his cracks.
    And you are SO right – rare shot of him NOT talking! I’m tweeting this one to him – I think he’ll get a kick out of it.

  2. Anna Marie

    I guess you are not alone who missed when this was posted. However, I am not fan of this game. I just accidentally click the page..lol..kidding..Anyway, I am too young to be a fan of these guys above. My father is their number 1 fun but not me..

    Anna Marie

    Blog: balancelle de jardin 

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