They Might Be Phillies

This will not be as exhaustive a preview as was the one for Yankees-Rangers because I see this one more in terms of momentum, and expectations not met and others exceeded.

The Braves were in such desperate straits that they had to stick a career pinch-hitter at second base because he was less worse there than at third. Their closer’s career came to an end in the middle of an inning. Their rookie relievers barely held it together. Their outfield was made up of Jason Hayward and a variety of American League and Pittsburgh Pirate refugees. And they still rallied twice on the Giants’ bullpen and each of the four games of their NLDS was a one-run affair.

The re-loaded Giants couldn’t average even three runs a game off the gutsy, wobbly, fill-in Bravos, and now they’re supposed to go up against Halladay, Oswalt, Hamels, and a not-too-shabby Joe Blanton (6-1, 3.48 after the All-Star Break) and produce something closer to four or five a night to have any chance.
I just don’t see it.
Tim Lincecum’s starts might be classics, and Halladay and/or Hamels might repeat their dubious performances from the regular season against the Giants. But I doubt it. And more over, I doubt that a team that survived the season in which the odds caught up with them and put 17 different of their guys on the disabled list is going to be knocked off by anybody but the best – and the Giants are not the best. 
The series might be brief.



    Lest we forget the 17 different players on the DL was your early season predictor for their demise. So far, you are only partly correct, and it has not been material thus far. Go Phils!, and their scouting staff.


    The 1.66 ERA that the pitching staff has thus far in the postseason doesn’t factor in at all? Granted, the bats haven’t been great but I think if the starting rotation stays as strong as the last series, this will be an instant classic. Sorry KO, love ya but I hope you have this one wrong.

  3. giantsteps

    Care to reconsider after the Giants beat the vaunted Roy Halladay? Sometimes it’s way better to be lucky than good…


    Of all true baseball nerds, I figured you to be a little more aware of the kind of team the Giants are. The Giants pitching is more than equal to the Phillies (G-men went 18 straight games allowing no more than 3 runs a game…combined 1.78 ERA in Sept…best closer in the majors; 48 saves B. Wilson, 2 times CY winner goes 5-1 with a 1.94 ERA in Sept, leads the NL in k’s, 3rd pitcher since WWII to lead the league 3 years in a row, ….need I go on?) and there’s more to playoff baseball than stats. The Giants play baseball the way it’s supposed to be played; tough, gritty, scratch and claw. Come on Keith! I know it’s tough to escape the East Coast bias but Game 1 should’ve been a wake up call.

    Giants in 6.

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