Nostalgic Photo Day


Nothing better than at this coldest, least baseballish hour of the year, than to let the wayback machine work its magic and show us some classic images.
Two of these are screencaps right off MLB Network and they own them and don’t you dare, etc. To the left is, of course, the nonpareil third baseman of the Orioles Brooks Robinson as he stud- what the heck is he wearing?

This is from 1971, when the Orioles experimented, mercifully only briefly, with orange tops and orange pants. Apart from the glow-in-the-dark quality, it meant that Robby’s enormous teammate Boog Powell got to wear both these beauts and the all-red jobs of the 1975 Cleveland Indians. The latter led to Boog’s immortal self-description: “I look like a big red blood clot.” Frank Robinson wore them both too, without any such quality humor, but then again, by Cleveland, Frank was a manager.
Below is a famous image of a famous home run: Chris Chambliss’s 9th Inning job off Mark Littell to win the 1976 ALCS for the Yankees. I was at that game, sat in the seats for most of it, but was actually sitting next to Dick Schaap in the press room as Chris got his slice of immortality. The chaos that ensued has been well documented, but until this aired on MLB Net the other day I had never noticed one detail. Look closely behind Chambliss as he turns first and heads for second:
Do you see him? The guy in the light blue sleeves, reaching down? The guy is stealing first base! Chambliss is perhaps ten feet past the bag and all bedlam is breaking loose, but this guy is already making off with the props. Good grief, he has to have planned it!
The next two shots are entirely my own, and of much more recent vintage. This would be the view from our Fox Sports Net booth above the right field roof at Fenway Park at no less an event than the Home Run Derby at the 1999 All-Star Game. So besides the display of model rocketry by Mark McGwire that night, and the impending All-Century Team event and the Ted Williams lovefest the following evening – look at that sunset!
I said “look at that sunset!”


  1. exilerugby

    Come on Keith!! What, you’ve never seen anyone steal a base before??

    What that snapshot doesn’t show is that just after he got the base out of the ground, he held it aloft and said, “I’m the greatest of all time! Thank you!!”

  2. pylon

    Great pics, Keith.

    I’d love to print out a copy of that sunset but the pic isn’t very crisp. Any chance of you sharing a cleaner scan or source file?


    GREAT post, Keith! I was in Cooperstown in 1983 for Robinson’s induction. Actually, i went to see George Kell–I’m originally from Detroit–but Robinson & Marichal could play the game too…
    I swear my pulse still speeds up a bit when I recall Chambliss’s HR. A great ending to my first year in NY. Now that i’m in Brooklyn, if you could just Photoshop out Fenway and replace it with, say, Ebbets Field… ?


    Holy Catfish, Keith! That’s an amazing sunset! Oh, and your blog post had me laughing out loud – first actual laugh of the day. Thank you! 🙂 So far, this is the best thing I have read today. P.S. – love the wayback machine, both here and on Twitter.


    I have a few photos myself of those amazing Fenway sunsets. Something magical about the way the sunset appears from the vantage point of the church of baseball.

  6. 1948braves

    Those are lovely photos taken @ Fenway Park. Just lovely. The 1999 All Star Game was something else, between the All Century Team and Pedro?s performance on the mound. That was Pedro being Pedro. He was untouchable when he had his stuff, and he left me almost breathless whenever he was on top of his game as I sat (or more often, stood) watching his every move. How I wish I was there in Fenway in 1999 for the All Star Game. You?re lucky Keith to have been there. Very lucky. As a Red Sox fan, I know the pre-game festivities & game for me has become one of those Kodak moments I will never forgot.

    BOSTON (CNN/SI) — It was baseball — past and present — at its best. Long anticipated as the last hurrah for the major leagues’ oldest field, Tuesday’s All-Star Game also fielded the best of the hometown Red Sox, while capping an evening charged with emotion and drama.

    Moments after a tearful Ted Williams, the Red Sox legend introduced as “the greatest hitter that ever lived,” threw out the first ball, Red Sox ace Pedro Martinez pitched himself into the All-Star Game record book by striking out the first three hitters. He added a fourth straight, Mark McGwire, for good measure.

    With Hall of Fame pitchers Bob Feller, Warren Spahn and friend Juan Marichal looking on, Martinez did something that no one — not even the great Carl Hubbell — had ever done.

    “I think it makes it a little more special, being here in Boston,” Martinez said after winning the MVP award. “Representing the decade, the last one of the century. Being there with all those players around us, I never, never expected it.”

    Martinez fanned Barry Larkin, Larry Walker and Sammy Sosa to start the game. The Boston ace, already halfway to the magic 30-win mark at the break, kept up the streak by striking out McGwire to begin the second inning.

    After Matt Williams reached on an error by second baseman Roberto Alomar, Martinez got Jeff Bagwell on a 3-2 curve. And when Williams was caught stealing on the play, Martinez walked off to a standing ovation, the hometown hero finished after 28 memorable pitches.

    Martinez tied an AL record with his five strikeouts and became the first AL starter to win an All-Star Game in his own park. And he did it on a night when the greatest living players in baseball had come together for the final All-Star game of the 1900s.

    Stan Musial, Willie Mays and Hank Aaron were among the many honored as part of an All Century Team in a moving pregame tribute. As the sport’s past met its present and future, the biggest ovation was left for Boston’s own Splendid Splinter. Ted Williams.


    This is not about baseball. I have to admit ,I don’t care much about the game. I am brokenhearted about cancellation of Countdown. What are they thinking?! I just cannot believe it! I’ve been watching almost as long as you have been on. I thought you were joking at first. Are we ever going to get an explanation of this horrible decision? Has it something to do with the Comcast takeover?
    All I can say is “Good Luck and Thank You” but it seems so inadequate. I hope to see you in some other venue…soon.
    God Bless,
    Leah J Boule’


    This is not about baseball. I have to admit ,I don’t care much about the game. I am brokenhearted about cancellation of Countdown. What are they thinking?! I just cannot believe it! I’ve been watching almost as long as you have been on. I thought you were joking at first. Are we ever going to get an explanation of this horrible decision? Has it something to do with the Comcast takeover?
    All I can say is “Good Luck and Thank You” but it seems so inadequate. I hope to see you in some other venue…soon.
    God Bless,
    Leah J Boule’


    Keith! I too am sorry to hijack your baseball blog to say how sorry I was to hear your announcement on Countdown tonight. I feel sort of abandoned…Every night my husband and I come home after work and say, “well, what do you think Keith is shouting about tonight?”

    Now what will we do?

    I sure hope we’ll be able to see you again soon…

    Carla Clark
    Shreveport, LA


    sorry to watch the sun set tonight… but am hopeful for an awesome sun rise, SOON.

    thanks for your perspective.

    and thanks for giving us rachel m.

  11. bmfc1

    You’re the best. You spoke the truth every night and I will miss your voice. The only positive is that I know that you can go to ST this year.

  12. sage2004

    A mention of those Indians all red togs of the 1970s leads me to go here: You want worse? The red pants with the navy tops. Yes, it happened. I’d supply proof, but, we don’t need to see that here, do we?
    A note: My aunt died at 3 AM today and the spirit of Countdown went with her and although I’m heartbroken for both my Aunt wouldn’t want us to waste valuable time in mourning when there are futures to be considered and neither will I.
    Keith, I’m in Cleveland…The Indians play-by-play guy’s a donkey…Rick Manning’s a good color guy…The network’s club owned…Alright, so the team blows, the ownership seems to subscribe to “”, the fan base cares more about the Browns “Avenging Us” (Yeah. How’s that working out?) and LeBron’s “betrayal” that the franchise in this town that’s DONE SOMETHING the last 20 years, and we’re, let’s face it, not the coolest place to be but you would be appreciated and welcome here, at least more than in other places…Just sayin’…
    “Good Night And Good Luck” to you, sir!


    Um, sorry to see you ending COUNTDOWN. Best of luck in your future ventures. Write if you get work as you hang by your thumbs…

  14. legacyshots

    Off topic I know but you have to understand the sadness. The right wingers love that you are out because they hate anything that exposes them to truth and actual reporting. I only watched you and Rachel on MSNBC and now? Just another citizen without a reliable news source. That is if you ignore that I read al Jazeera, TuoiTre, BBC, NYT, Le Monde, Pravda, the Progressive, and the Center for American Progress. To me it is just finding the truth. To many it is not available and sources like yours were all they had.

    I know you will land upright and strong as ever but this is quite a jolt as I am sure you understand.

    Fair weather and following seas, Sir.

    Pitchers and Catchers report in 24 days.



    I can’t believe that you won’t be there. Thank you for the truth you gave us every show. I will miss you more than you can understand. Land softly and stay well.

    Rory, Bakersfield, CA

    PS Early Happy Birthday


    WTH???… Can’t understand what I just heard from you on, YOUR program, Countdown. It’ll be for your gain and their loss I’ll promise you. I’m 51, a sports fan as long as you, and am in shock. Brought a tear to my eye and did make my 78 yr. old mom cry when I told her.

    All will be looking forward to seeing and listening to you once again very soon be it in news and/or sports. All things will work to the best for you Keith, now you can enjoy the Superbowl more than you have in years, and spring-training is just around the corner. You can truly take the time to cherish all the wonderful memories this time of the year has for you.

    Thoughts and best wishes to you, The (almost) Best Person in the World!!! Charlie Robison.


    from one baseball nerd to another, you will be sorely missed as what i consider the one reasonable voice left in a corporatized media structure (sans rachel, of course). to quote (out of context) one of your favorite journalists and broadcasters, i’d like to leave this in your honor:

    “I have reported what I saw and heard, but only part of it. For most of it I have no words…”


    considering your gift for being both articulate and overwhelmingly informative, despite the censorship you probably dealt with from executive levels, thank you for your incessant drive to broadcast the truth. as far as the remainder of your contract is concerned, i hope to hear you on the radio soon. past that, i cant wait to see the next re-iteration of your show on television down the road. i wish you good night, sir, but wishing you luck seems inane. a man with your gift needs no luck, only another oportunity.


    Thanks for a great ride Sir, and hope to see you in another show soon. You will be missed on the TV, but I am looking forward to your take on the next baseball season.

    S. Ray


    Hi this is Enigma4ever of Watergate Summer (allie), I just wanted to leave you a message here…I will write you a Thank You letter ( hopefully you can still get mail at MSNBC…but just in case..) Watched Countdown tonight and am still kind of stunned. Keith please know that we are so grateful to you, so thankful that you spoke Truth To Power all these years, that in your own way, you were OUR Ed Murrow in a dark time in Our History.You were a journalist in a very special way, your Special Comments, your Battle for Health Care, your Thurber….for many of us that were losing jobs, homes, health…8PM kept us well, grounded. Watching you after dinner with my son was a ritual I will always treasure…So Sir I say Thank you…I am beyond grateful and hope that your next Venture brings you happiness and that you know in your heart how we all felt. As UnInsured RN battling MS, I was so grateful for you for fighting along side as for HCR…you will never know what that meant….

    That last photo with the Amazing…I hope and pray that you get to watch alot of Baseball this spring…on your terms…and in the evening….

    (PS. as a Baltimore Gal who loved Brooks and Boog, thank you for remembering them, I went to many “O” games in those years…and yes, Those Orange shirts were hideous…they looked like Tang Vomit…and did not even sell well at yard sales in the 80s…I live in Cleveland now and I still hate THAT color…)


    Hi Keith – Thank you so much for all the great nites you gave us on “Countdown”…. I’ll miss you very much, but I’m sure you’ll be back bigger and better… In the meantime why don’t you become a Danette? . … John F. McLure, Pinehurst, NC


    Well Keith I’m stunned. But maybe it’s time to get back to sports. I must say you looked a little weary tonight and the Palins, Bachmanns and their supporters will never understand. This has been going on for 18 years now 8 Clinton, 8 Bush and 2 Obama. The republican right wing will never change. Sisyphus comes to mind when arguing against them.

    Pitchers and catchers report in a couple of weeks. Enjoy your time off then get back in the game. You certainly deserve it and thank you for bringing a smile into our home every evening. Our 11 year old son would always remind me when it was time for “The worst person in the world.”

    Take care and Go Yankees.


    KO – your show got me involved with politics again! i’ll miss you dearly. You were my reliable every night at 8! I respect your decison and possibly understand why, but please don’t stay away too long. Hope to see you doing maybe– MLBNetwork?! Baseball seems to be your passion! Hey, I have a degree form Newhouse at SU and was a TV research analyst for many yrs in NYC. Looking to get back there – if you need an analyst —–I AM YOUR WOMAN/ PERSON/ EMPLOYEE! Take care of yourself and enjoy your time off – take a vacation and an early Happy b-day to you! —Kathy


    KO – your show got me involved with politics again! i’ll miss you dearly. You were my reliable every night at 8! I respect your decison and possibly understand why, but please don’t stay away too long. Hope to see you doing maybe– MLBNetwork?! Baseball seems to be your passion! Hey, I have a degree form Newhouse at SU and was a TV research analyst for many yrs in NYC. Looking to get back there – if you need an analyst —–I AM YOUR WOMAN/ PERSON/ EMPLOYEE! Take care of yourself and enjoy your time off – take a vacation and an early Happy b-day to you! —Kathy


    Dear Keith, I was shocked and dismayed to hear you say this was your last Countdown. You have been a voice of sanity for these past years of duplicitous government administrations. Politics today has caused more cynicism and anger than ever before in my lifetime. There is little out there but lies and spin. Without you, where is our lifeline? I have emailed MSNBC with my protest. They are fools. I will also be looking for a different communication provider besides the greed-driven monopoly at Comcast. Please use your influence to start a new cable network, just as Oprah has done. Democracy needs a hand up out of the muck. Until Progressives have a major media voice, the Right Wing scream machine will continue to drown out the truth and destroy our country. You and other celebrities and the few Progressive corporate deep pockets like Soros, owe it to the country to fight against the greed and corruption that has come to define our government, and much of the MSM. Please, Keith, hang in there, one way or another. It will be so very lonely without you, and a much less compassionate TV medium.


    This is a non-baseball comment.

    KO, you will be missed. I watched Countdown most nights over the last few years either live, the replay or online and will certainly miss your editorial viewpoint. I wish you the absolute best of luck and hope that you find a venue that will let you be you – whether its television, radio or the internet – your fearless voice is important and should not be silenced, unless you feel that it is necessary to compliment your own life. With your departure I am sure the the collective pants at CNN have tightened.

    Thank you for all that you have given.

    Warm Regards,



    1) Congressional Republicans want to to abolish mental health parity (part of the Affordable Care Act).
    2) States across the nation are cutting mental health services.
    3) MSNBC has discontinued Countdown.

    How on Earth are we supposed to stay sane?

  27. joeibt

    Of the many subjects that my 75 year old father and I share, most of our conversations share mostly two subjects. Our beloved Phillies and “Did you see Olbermann tonight.”

    Someday I won’t be in a position to talk with my pop, and I know the sorrow that this realization has reached in your house. However, Whether this comment gets to your eyes or not please know that you have been a pleasant part of our relationship and I am forever grateful. You’ve made a difference on a much larger stage than my house…but for me, your personal imprint will be indelible. Thanks for your efforts and passion. See you wherever you land very shortly.

    Joe Brock, Jr.

  28. dyhrdmet

    I know you’ve kept your TV work at MSNBC separate from this blog, but i have to say that it’s a shock to see you leaving the show.

    let me throw this idea out for you — hook up with MLB Network to do a 30 minute weekly tv show that follows along the lines of what you do in this blog. and maybe come on to to host the highlights show a couple nights a week. i’ve been saying that you should have a 30 minute talk show on CNBC on the weekends like Tim Russert used to have on occasion (where it was sports instead of politics).


    In an article I wrote about you, posted many years ago to a liberal blog started by friends, I called you the thinking woman’s David Cassidy. I won’t take up space telling you what you already know….you turned on a light in so many of us, demanding accurate information and will be greatly missed. I await your return in whatever form you see fit.

    At least we’ll always have baseball………

  30. kardiac

    Hey Keith… that you have some time maybe you could fill the open color spot on the Washington Nationals TV broadcast team. We will miss you on the air at 8:00 pm. We could always count on you to give a REAL fair and balanced view. At least one I could agree with.

  31. jwin214

    Hope to see you on the air again soon, and that you keep in touch here. We still have your back, Keith. Keep going, my friend.

  32. shaydispatch


    Thank you for your work in the past on Countdown AND your future work because we both know that voices agaist injustice are always needed. Loved the Scottie Dog story to end the show.

    Best wishes.

  33. eyeconic

    I don’t imagine that I could convince you to sign on with Yes Network could I?

    Anyway, I shall always be grateful for your strong and unwavering support for marriage equality. Furthermore, you always had the best BS detector in the news business.


    I’m sorry this isn’t about baseball, which I know you love, but I want you to know how very much my husband and I will miss you and Countdown. I cannot believe how STUPID the network is to have let you go! We looked forward every night to your show, even setting up to DVR when we knew we wouldn’t be home. You were so many people’s link to the real world; and I did enjoy the Thurber readings. You made him popular again, I’m quite sure. We sincerely hope that you will be back soon with a similar truth-telling show! Again, thank yo so much for all you did and helped the rest of us do.



    Dear Keith – Thanks for everything, especially your dedication to the truth. Hope to see you again soon! – Pat


    I’ve been watching you and enjoying your TV presence since you did sports reporting in LA. Really sorry to wake up to the news that you and MSNBC have parted ways. This is a sad loss for all of us who value truth-telling and hypocrisy-busting. Hope you find a more congenial home for your valuable voice!

  37. sfgyrosfan

    Hey Keith. Bummer about the MSNBC exit, dude. But hey, the White House is looking for a new Press Secretary (hint, hint). And you could always blog about those sassy Nats! In the words of Jean Luc Picard, “Make it so!” Best of luck to a classy commentator… ~~sfgyrosfan~~


    Sorry, I am not a baseball fan, but I had to follow you from your Twitter profile. I would like to reiterate most of the above comments. I do not know the reasons you left, but if there is any way you can somewhere else be a public spokesman, either online or tv, please do. There are very few like you and as many have said, I always felt like you were there “standing up and articulating our thoughts”. My husband and I have always been impressed by your way of “telling it like it is”, your passion and intellect. You are appreciated by millions….Please don’t leave!!!
    A talent like yours must be seen!! and heard!!
    (although I can appreciate that you might need a nice time-out:)
    Meanwhile, I guess I will have to read this baseball blog:( Oh, and I will continue to follow you on Twitter hoping for an update. )


    Hey Keith!

    This is your chance to concentrate on sports writing full-time! I haven’t been to a baseball game in twenty years but having wandered over here out of curiosity some time ago, I’ve been motivated to learn more on the subject just so I could actually understand your prose in addition to being impressed by its sparkle. Ignore those who would spam this fun little space with comments on that other business. Write, dude, write! Who knows, maybe I’ll bump into you on the 4 someday.



    I do not know how else to contact you…

    …Say it ain’t so, Joe….

    We will miss you very, very, very much at Countdown.
    You are the BEST !
    You “spawned” Rachel and Lawrence and who knows who else somewhere down the line…

    You were always just so much darn FUN to watch and spot on with your comments about phony politicians and all that Tea Party “code language” showing the racists want to take their country back…

    …from a Black Man (minorities)

    The Tea Party—modern version of the KKK

    God Bless You and the very best of luck is wished to you

    Gosh—I hope you turn up on TV somewhere—I am really, really going to miss you a way heck of a lot !



    Baseball, a wayback machine reference AND a baseball sunset… this one has all my favorites. – Cheryl

  42. janetphils4ever

    Oh, Keith …

    It’s more than 24 hours, and I still refuse to believe you won’t be there on Monday at 8.

    Throughout all the bad years, and most of them were very bad indeed, you’ve been a constant voice of reason and sanity in an insane world. I used to tell my friends I watched you every evening at 8 pm for a reality check … because only you had the understanding, and the commitment, and the passion to “tell it like it is.” Where else could we see those significant stories that, oddly enough, didn’t make it into the MSM? Where else could we find the facts we needed to combat the Fox/Tea Party/Republican big lies? Where else could we learn something more important than “truthiness” … namely, THE TRUTH?

    You know the old expression, “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” You didn’t just light a candle, Keith; you shone a floodlight. And there’s so much darkness out there …

    Come back to us soon, Keith. You’re NEEDED.

    And in the meantime … be well.


    Ah, forgive me for also “breaking ranks” and alluding to Countdown. However, like so many others who ventured here, I just needed a place to express my all-too-human grief and sadness at the sudden departure of my all-time favorite show, and all-time favorite “talking head.”

    You, sir, really are our modern-day Edward R Murrow, and in these times your voice is as necessary as his was during those times.

    You have a truly spectacular gift of putting the feelings of so many of us who seek the truth and justice for all into words that make sense.

    I look forward to seeing your next adventure. In the meantime, as others have said, we always have baseball.

    “Good night and good luck.”



    I am also going to hijack this blog post to say Thank You for your work on msnbc, and to let you know how much I will miss your show.

    Wherever you choose to land, I hope to follow.



    I just want to say you have made my week nights worthwhile for the last 3 years and I will miss you. You brought honesty, facts and humor to the news and you cannot be replaced, regardless of what Phil Griffin thinks! I know you have contract issues that won’t allow you to have a TV show for a period of time but I hope to see you on the web and hear you on the radio very, very soon. (You are also the best dressed commentator ever!)

    George Orwell said “If you want to picture the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face–for ever.” Fox is that boot and there are very few people between it and the human face-you are one of them. Best wishes and Happy Birthday!


    PS: I forgot to mention how much I will miss you reading James Thurber, what a wonderful way it as to end the weeks. Thanks!


    Good God people, hop off the mans lap. He spun his yarn every night just like they all do. And whether its Keith or Bill-O, whenever I hear someone comment on on how these commentators, not journalists, speak “truth” to power, I have to laugh. When their egos are stroked and their fans laud them with all kinds of accolades of being honest purveyors of fact and defenders of the little guy, I dry heave a little.

    Do any of you make millions of dollars a year? Guess who does. They all do! But naturally, every last one of them can relate to you and me, and is always looking out for us. From who, their competitor on another BS network? Gee, thanks for the defense, I was really afraid of Sean Hannity popping out of my closet with a chainsaw.

    Anyway, don’t blame anyone else but Keith, he had it coming. From his own mouth, he knows how difficult he is to work with, for, and manage. He knows how much better he is than everyone else, smarter, wittier, and look what it gets him, each and every time.

    So what’s next beyond the HuffPo, Kos, here, or Sports for Keith? Andy Cooper had that puppet that use to sub for you on Fri night and I thought I hope Keith has some Kleenex after Dave’s done with him. So CNN? They can kiss their alleged bipartisan drive toward the center, which he demeaned anyway, gone if they hire him. And what would that do to MSDNC anyway, you really want to drive Rachel and Ed into the ground?

    Anyway, make sure you all have your pitchforks out for Phil Griffin especially, the man who pretty much helped keep Keith around back when his ratings were on par with McEnroe on CNBC. Who defended him when he needed it. Who went to bat for him. What a ******* right?

  48. ktwoa

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for those beautiful, majestic photos from the 1999 All-Star Game @ Fenway Park.

    Also, thank you for all your years of service @ MSNBC on Countdown and prior.

    Thanks for reading James Thurber to us!

    Thanks for your time @ KTLA , CBS (in LA) & ESPN while I was in college.

    Thank you for not learning to drive an automobile well into your adult years!

    Thank You
    Thank You
    Thank You!

    If I never see you again on the boob-tube, at least I know I’ll see you here @ Baseball Nerd!

    Thank you, Mr. Olbermann

  49. udermuder

    been checkin’ tix prices for spring training here is AZ. with all the new stadiums we have a great spring to look fwd to, but the games r priced almost outa my price range anymore.
    the fall league was a good look into the future of the game and the prices there were pretty reasonable.
    just wish spring prices were more old fat lady friendly. my pocketbook will only sit me out in the grass and my big ole backside won’t let me do that for even a couple of innings without revolting and making me pay for weeks to come. guess i can check out the rookie league when the regular season starts, those are the kids that play for the love of the game. one more nfl game with meaning then bring out the pitchers and catchers, i can always go try to look through the fences.
    thx for the countdown, u shared ur family and kept us moving fwd in spite the hate that threatens to engulf us all at times.
    hope u kept ur ma’s season tix, too.


    Great photos as usual, Keith.As a long time fan of your sports and your MSNBC , I will miss Countdown, but sure glad for everything you have done, and will do.
    But, I think this would be a perfect time for you write a book about Baseball.I think many, many people, including myself, would love to see that.
    I have to admit my bias, when I say the Fenway Park photos are my favorite, being a life long Red Sox fan.

    Who are you picking to win the AL East, Keith?


    Keith, my family has ranted & raved since Fri. night and really have not turned on MSNBC since. We’re both computer nerds so we’ve spent our time searching everything about you. I don’t think you really know what a void you have left in our lives. We cried with you when you lost your Dad, you really had become a member of the family. There’s not a moderator out there that can fill your shoes. Oh I know baseball is the love of your life, thats ok but we still need your voice of truth. I wrote a note to M Moore and suggested you & he could some way get together & give us a network that would be like your Countdown. Your fans wont give up on you, don’t give us up.



    Gonna miss you on MSNBC … look at the bright side Pitchers and Catchers report in less than a month !!!


    Our family misses you So..0-0 much. You made MSNBC. I like Rachel and Ed. But it’s not the same without u. Wont be watching that 8 p.m. slot anymore. Will cancel Comcast too. Just say the word. Why does America kill all our Heros? I’m so upset about your leaving. Please come back on another channel soon. I am truly a 75 year old FRIEND OF KEITH. FIRST TWEET EVER JOINED ONLY FOR TO ADD MY VOICE. what can your fans do to get u back? Please tell us

  54. pitchman26

    Now that you have some free time on your hands, check out the All-Time Top 50 Pro Baseball Players list at

    Quick…who would you select off the top: DLee, Dustin Pedroia, Dusty Baker, maybe Larry Bowa? While there take the Online Reader survey and tell us who is the top player of all time from Sacramento. Stats are included on the All-Time Top 50 page.

    You may be surprised to learn who comes out on top. Ironically, we’re in the middle of the Top 10 “countdown,” with #1 being announced on Sat. Jan. 29.

    Rick Cabral


    Sorry for the non-baseball post but don’t know how else to contact you.

    Just wanted to thank you for keeping me informed on three continents. From Tokyo, New York City, and now Singapore, you have been a major source of news for me. Thank God for the internet.

    Thank you for all you have done and I keep the faith that I will be able to watch or hear you in some format soon.


    Sorry to post here but this was the best place to thank you for explaining why this 52 year old steelworker from Ohio was and is getting screwed by the RIGHT WING and big money influence in Washington.I like you work hard and do my job well I started watching your show several years ago while we were in a lockout situation at the plant I work at the company froze our retirements and a few other things that was not good.
    That Friday your last show that song came into my head turn out the lights the partys over like Dandy Don would sing. I’m a firm believer things happen for a reason and you will move on to bigger better things.
    You are truthful voice for people like me and again thank you for telling the truth and exposing the righties for what they really care about GREED.
    Has Fox Noise contacted you about a contract proposal ?
    Brian Ford



    The cancellation of Countdown and your departure from MSNBC is truly the end of an era for me.

    Yours was the loudest, proudest and strongest liberal voice out there. I fear no one will hear us now.

    My thanks to you, as always sir…



    With the huge boom in collectables, are you even a little surprised that old “blue sleeves” hasn’t posted that for sale on eBay? Or perhaps, having grabbed it in an era before authentication holograms, he can’t really prove it’s THE base.

    Love the baseball photos… be sure to check my images at:


    OMG….snow, ice, sleet, wind, no Keith Obermann…the world is ending and it isn’t 2012. Then the baseball nerd is found. Thank God, I’m saved. I thought I was the baseball nerd…oh, I’m sorry, KO withdrawal.

    Ametrina is the Baseball Babe from blogging the NY Yankees a few years ago. Been a fan for 3 or 4 or maybe more decades. I’M NOT TELLING.

    Happy Gil Blanco to you all….pitchers and catchers report soon. Thank God. It’s the only thing sustaining me now that I can’t watch Count Down.


    PS: I am not a TV watcher. The only thing I watch is MLB, NFL (Go Steelers) and Keith. MSNBC ruined my life *&^%$@# them!


    Best wishes for a happy birthday. Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve next. I’m sure it will be very interesting. I’ll be waiting to watch/listen/read. Jan in Santa Clarita

  62. 1948braves

    January 27, 1944: Lou Perini, Guido Rugo and Joe Maney gain control of the Braves and relieve manager Casey Stengel of his duties.

    January 27, 1944: Russia Siege of Leningrad: After 872 days of the siege of Leningrad by German forces allowing no food or medical supplies to enter which caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Russian lives. The Siege was finally broken.

    January 27, 1945 : The Red Army liberates the Nazi’s biggest concentration camp at Auschwitz in southern Poland.

    Birthdays today: Wolfgang Mozart, Jerome Kern (The Last Time I Saw Paris among other great great tunes), Chris Collinsworth, one of only 3 or 4 terrific broadcasters in the nation.

    #1 Song on January 27, 1959 – The Platters, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes; Best Picture Oscar Winner 1959, Ben Hur; MLB MVPs 1959, Nellie Fox & Ernie Banks; Cy Young, Early Wynn; LA Dodgers win 1959 World Series over Chicago White Sox.

    January 27th is an important date in the beginning of the end of WWII. In tribute to that and your absence, my favorite WWII song, being the music nerd that I am. But it’s beautiful and captures your absence from our tv in a way. As we all raise a glass to Keith Olbermann and send our best best birthday wishes.

    Just say hello to the folks that you know, tell them you won’t be long; they’ll be happy to know as we saw you go, you were singing this song- We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but we all know we’ll meet again, some sunny day.


    I have photos from the sunset upper deck at Fenway the night of the ’99 A-S… it was amazing. At some point there are like 3-4 blimps floating overhead. That sunset was surreal, and so was the baseball magic that followed.


    Hello, the photograph of the sunset looks mythic, maybe the gods like baseball.
    Miss your presence on MSNBC, hope you will decide to return to the television medium at some time in the future, because your voice is sorely missed by so many of the people who relied on your insight, intellect and honesty.
    To my baseball question, I have received boxes of baseball cards from a friend, and do not know what to do with them. There are approximately ten boxes of baseball cards, each box measures 17 in x 4 in. There are players from the Dodgers, Mets, St. Louis Cardinals, Baltimore Orioles, Cubs, in fact the teams are too numerous to mention. The cards are from 1990’s and are in excellent condition. The reason I am writing to you is because I remember a tv segment where you talked about baseball cards. Do not expect a personal answer, but maybe you could write an article on this site with information on baseball card collecting, as a hobby and as a profession. I personally have no knowledge of baseball, although I did go to the first game ever played by the Toronto Bluejays. It was a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon.
    I have noted from the other posts that it is you birthday today, so many happy returns, and I hope that you have a spectacular future. Thank you.


    I was reflecting on the obit of your Mom, KO…likewise, I gave my kids the love of baseball and of the NFL. This is an awesome legacy to leave behind and I know one day my kids will remember me the way you remember your Mom.

    This legacy was, in fact, given to me by my only sibling…my younger brother who passed when he was 35 in 1986 from service related illness. He was a Nam vet holding the Bronze Star and forever alive in our hearts each time the umpire yells, “PLAY BALL.”

    He was and now all of us are Steelers fans. We were all NYY fans as far back as I can remember.

    Being a sports fan is a legacy that always keeps the memories alive…Maris *61…Gee, he looks like a choir boy now, doesn’t he? Who will ever forget Rizzzuta’s (thank you, Bill White) infamous call of that HR.

    God bless all the parents out there that imparted a love for these games and all the sportscasters ( & NEWSCASTERS)who called them like they saw them.

    KO, you are awesomely missed! God bless people like you who dare to tell it the way it is.

    blessings galore to you and yours


    This has been a horribly empty week without Countdown. But I hope you never stop the baseball blogs. Maybe now that you have some time on your hands you might consider spending some more time in Cooperstown and writing the ultimate book on how baseball mirrors life!

    Not to quote anyone or anything, but life really does begin every year with Spring Training and Opening Day. I’m making my plans. Hope you get to Arizona!


    I remember when Mark Littell came into that game. Just 23 years old, coming off of what turned out to be his best career season. Live arm…seemingly unhittable. Things were eerily quiet at the Stadium as Chambliss came up, weren’t they?


    Keith off the topic. I was addicted to the Keith Oberman show so the question is how long before you are out of your contract and what’s next? How about going to Oprah and seeking a spot on her network “Own” she would be lucky to get you. Anything lined up or are you just sitting on the sidelines right now. Keith you represented what T.V. should be about and that is honest reporting. Dang I miss you get back to work soon Please??? I will be listening and watching to see what you will be up to next. In the meanwhile as you sit out the contract have a nice vacation. By the way I was one of those 6,000+ people signing that petion during your suspension over the donations.


    Keith….with pitchers and catchers reporting in 11 short days, I’m hoping you’ll be able to catch many spring training games this year. We have great Cactus League venues out here in AZ, as you know. I’ll be catching games here at home and in Ft Meyers, where my Red Sox play.

    My personal favorite in Phoenix is Maryvale Stadium, where the Brewers play. Great proximity to the players and field and the best food, by far!

    I miss your sarcasm, wit and baseball insight and hope you start blogging again soon.

    Miss you…..


    Fenway Park is beautiful at dusk, but what about PNC Park? You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the sun setting on the Allegheny River with the Pittsburgh skyline slowly fading to black on a balmy summer night. Jan in Santa Clarita


    Sorry Keith, I just have to say I sure miss my fave show. That said, love BB Nerd also, have a nice vacation! Now we need to get Kaat and Tiant (prob. the most glaring omission, in my opinion) into the HOF!


    Oh, and one more thing — Hearing your chuckles are also missed, as well as hearing you read Thurber’s stories…I always dreamed of climbing into your lap…and holding on..(sigh)…Ok, I’m back to earth. Great baseball picture, too, sir!


    Just read about your Current agreement, Congrats Sir, and Happy belated Birthday! Not able to see that programming here but will keep up as-much-as-possible via their site. Welcome Back Keith oh Happy Day!


    Congrats on the Current TV position. Now get yourself ready for Yankee spring training. Enjoy. Jan in Santa Clarita

  75. 1948braves

    Well, this news is music to my ears. Thank You Al Gore for believing in Keith.

    Hey,? what we have here is a kinda new Countdown!!!! To the day when Keith begins his new journey with Al Gore. Late spring ? does that mean after Memorial Day weekend?

    Congratulations. We all look forward to your return and wish you the very best of luck and good wishes. We?ll all be there rooting for you – as well as for each of us – your viewers.

    Let the countdown begin. This is so so cool.

    Thank You For The Music – thanks for all the joy you?re bringing (Keith & Al)!!!! Who could live without it I ask in all honesty? Without a song or a dance, what are we?

    Baseball. Soon. Very soon. What a winter. Yikes.



    Congrats on the new gig. Hey, if you have some time before the action begins, you should come to Arizona and see some “real” spring training baseball.

    It’s great! Best weather, best stadiums, and the best fans in the league.

    Come on down!

    Regards………..Steven Rockford

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