Garfoose Caught On Film

I’ve written before about our friend The Garfoose, Dirk Hayhurst, author of The Bullpen Gospels, formerly of the Padres and Blue Jays and this year back from surgery to compete for a job in the rebuilding bullpen of the Tampa Bay Rays.

Because the book came out after Dirk established himself as a middle reliever in Toronto but before he got hurt, a lot of his fans have – to put it bluntly – never seen him pitch. To correct that, we offer a photographic record of his scoreless inning against the Jays this afternoon in Dunedin (The Rays used seven pitchers – four got lit – Hayhurst, Rob Delaney, and Brandon Gomes were the only ones who did not):

The pterodactyl delivery seems to be in fine form. Two official appearances, three innings, two hits, two strikeouts, no walks, no runs.


  1. longballmike

    Garfooooooose! I really hope that he makes the roster this year. He has such a great personality that would help make up for all the personality we lost during the off season. He’s got the talent to make it, from what I’ve seen.


    Oh yes! I recall when you pitched his book on Countdown and showed us a copy! I love that title. Good one. He used my first press as well, Author House. Wow! The guy has style for sure! If he sleeps in this position, I think it is called the flamingo. In other news…I offered my Mass for the mitigation of your suffering on this special day. I am so glad you are where you love to be right now. Hugs!

  3. jimmyjarhead

    KO: I was hoping you would give us a sit rep on Dirk’s recovery and there it is, pictures and all… I was concerned about his making “the big club” since he is a non roster guy, but if he can sustain that performance level, maybe he has a shot. I am rooting for him and waiting for his sequel. My copy of his first book is making the rounds of several of my baseball loving cohorts and I keep getting these emails and phone calls about not being able to put it down. A man with this much to give belongs in the big leagues.


    Keith, I bought his book on your recommendation and I loved it. Here’s hoping Garfoose makes the big club this spring… 😀

  5. Lina Rose

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