Either Of These Guys Look Familiar?

(c) Jon SooHoo, Los Angeles Dodgers

The first time I interviewed the gentleman at the right, he was a week shy of his 22nd birthday, and I was just past my 24th. We each had bad mustaches and dark hair. Several things have occurred since.

The Dodger uniform does still look a little strange on Don Mattingly, but it’s the same smile and the same generosity of time. Trivia about our 1983 interview for CNN: it was on Opening Day, and I chose him because it was his first. My other interviewee was the late Bobby Murcer, because it was his sixteenth.
Also, at that point, Mr. Mattingly wore uniform number 46, and had already experienced the first of eleven managerial firings that marked his career of thirteen years (plus seven games in 1982). By contrast, Mattingly became a coach in 2004 and spent seven years doing it – all under one manager.


  1. kathy baril

    You two both look wonderful! ..you almost look as if you could be related by your smiles! šŸ™‚

  2. Keith Rox

    Dude, a picture of you here and a picture of you on your twitter, with a cane no less! OMG, how awesome is that? First, is he a great fan of yours or Countdown’s? Second, how many other famous awesome friends do you have, illustrating to us rabble that you are famous and awesome?

  3. ShoeBeDoBeDo

    Keith, I’ve yet to see you take a bad picture. The camera absolutely loves you, whether you’re casual or dressed to the nines. šŸ™‚

  4. franoramaworld

    Gawd, it’s just so weird seeing Donnie Baseball in that uniform. Seems like an unnatural act of some sort … But as much as I like the Pinstripes and dislike the Dodgers — and wish he were managing the Yanks, no slag on Girardi — I wish him well. He waited so long for this chance …

  5. Dusty, hells most vocal bitch

    As someone that gets every Dodger game, I love this photo of Don. And since it includes you, it makes it even better. I wish there was a before photo of the ‘old days’ included, but you describe the changes quite well Keith.

    Then I remember what is going on w/the Dodgers behind the scenes and it makes me sad. Don and the Dodgers do not deserve the crap that is swirling around them. One of the most storied franchises (next to your Yanks of course) in baseball and the owner can’t make payroll either eom this month or June’s according to MLB.

    It’s heartbreaking for me, and I am a friggin Padre fan.

  6. Patricia Powell Couvillion

    Good lookin’ just got gooder! He is Patrick Swayze and you are Clark Kent! Whee! Go Yanks! Go Dodgers! As Gandhi says, there is room for us all!

  7. Sam

    “Either of these guys”– but where’s Ethier? Sorry, when I read “Either” I thought of “Ethier.” So are you in Pittsburgh Keith? Hopefully tomorrow there’s a photo of you and Andrew McCutchen– he’s awesome.

  8. Alwayswatchin

    I think the Dodgers should move back to New York so they can get players and managers before they wash out their careers. Maybe a trade for the Mets?

  9. Ryan H

    Ah, Keith Olbermann and Don Mattingly – two of my favorites. And now I’m also missing Bobby Murcer, thanks. šŸ˜›

  10. Roy Hirohama

    As much as I would like to gloat over the misfortunes of the hated Dodger’s management, I must lend a sympathetic shoulder for Donnie Baseball. I will root every Giant win, and celebrate ever Dodger loss, but let us just bring back the O’Malley family.


  11. Armond Neal

    Great photos of you here and the one for your blog with Jim Thome. Missing Countdown more than I thought I would, even though I knew that I would miss it mightily. I hope I can get CurrentTV by the time you’re up and running there. I don’t want to miss a single show. Are there plans for a corresponding podcast? Take care, be well and thank you for everything!

    • Swankita

      Catherine & Kevin – We would like to thank-you so very much for your kindness and pactinee on the day of our daughters wedding (Cathy & Keith).You and you husband made everyone feel so at ease on such a hugeday for us and for Cathy & Keith.Your pictures are so detailed and beautiful. You enjoy and know your work so well. I don’t think you missed a thing that happened that day,for this we thank-you.By the way someone has a picture of you out in the dance with Kevin. Thank your husband for taking the time to come out with you on such a busy time of the year and knowing he was only home for such a short time. Time with family is so important especially at Christmas. Take care and once again Thank-You. Hope to see you again sometime and if anyone is looking for a photographer we will surely tell them about you. Catherine & Kevin

  12. Cliffy44

    Keith Olberman is an out-of-work stupid moronic asshole, with the intellect of a piece of dog shit.

    You’ll censor this, if you agree that it’s true.

  13. Armond Neal

    Yeah, that’s the comment that the lazy kid in class in middle school made under his breath when, after copying test answers over the shoulder of the smart kid (whom he probably bullied), he still failed the test, while the smart kid passed.

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