Chicago, Chicago

Was it Mitch Williams on MLB Network who last night suggested that if Jerry Reinsdorf and Kenny Williams were smart they’d choose as Ozzie Guillen’s successor, former Cubs’ great (and jilted would-be Wrigley skipper) Ryne Sandberg?

It would be a brilliant stroke in terms of stealing some of the Cubby fan base, but it comes up against two realities. The Cubs themselves will probably be looking at Ryno again (and everybody else) this winter after the unhappy realization that Mike Quade is a great guy and a great baseball man but not a long-term Cub manager. Meanwhile, Sandberg – judging by his prominent in-dugout role in Spring Training and September – would appear to be Charlie Manuel’s heir apparent in Philly if he wants to wait that long.

He might. The Cubs have to be looking closely at the FenwayPocalypse – the tendency to panic in Boston is decades old and burns below the surface of recent success. It is just the kind of place to run either Tito Francona and/or Theo Epstein out of town and either or both to say ok. As the great Boston sportscaster Clark Booth told me 25 years ago, you have to remember that the fan mindset is simply this: if the Sox win today, it’s only because losing tomorrow will hurt MORE.

Lastly I’m not so confident about Ozzie Guillen in Miami. He is the perfect Marlins manager – for the fans. For an owner who found Joe Girardi too filter-free? Every night could be fireworks night in the new ballpark.


  1. Sam

    I agree about Guillen having a hard time with the Marlins’ owner– if he fired Girardi for speaking his mind (and he was Manager Of The Year) what’s going to happen with Ozzie and his mouth? The front office of the Marlins thinks they can succeed on the lowest of payrolls and when anybody gets out of line (Logan Morrison for instance) they show who is boss. But what a shame it would be if Boston fired Francona, the only Red Sox manager in the past 90+ years with 2 championships. I think Joey Cora deserves to be the White Sox manager– or some team’s manager. Willie Randolph also deserves another shot– talk about un-classy firings.

  2. hamblin

    Thank GOD you’re posting again! With my Red Sox in the toilet, I look to you for words of wisdom and inspiration. You were gone far too long. I know that your ‘other job’ takes many hours, but I’ve missed your take on all things baseball.

  3. Ken

    The Dodgers passed on Mike Scioscia as manager. So he went to Orange County and the Angels. … The rest is history. Ryne Sandberg to the White Sox? Can history repeat itself?

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