The Curse Of The Lucchino

On Friday afternoon, September 30th, less than an hour after  Terry Francona – the only man to manage the Boston Red Sox to a World’s Championship in the last 93 years – announced more in sorrow than in anger that he would not be returning to the job next season, a trusted baseball friend told me “now a lot of crap about Tito is going to come out.”

This morning –  just as the architect of the Red Sox dynasty of the last decade, General Manager Theo Epstein, was finalizing his own  departure to take over the Chicago Cubs – my baseball friend’s prediction came true. The Boston Globe has printed a remarkable hatchet job on Francona, and to a lesser degree Epstein, cobbled together from a series of anonymous sources that appear to mainline directly back to Red Sox ownership.

March 4, 2007 - During Sox-Dodgers Exhibition Game

Francona and Epstein were not merely scapegoated  in the story. The newspaper essentially printed an ownership implication that Francona had a prescription drug problem, that he was distracted by worry over the safety of his son and son-in-law, serving overseas, and that he lost focus because of marital problems. With the caveat that I consider both Francona and Epstein friends – and my assurance that neither has been a source for what I write here – the story is one of the more remarkable smear campaigns in baseball (or business) history. And it merits explanation and exposure.

There is blame for everybody in that article except the stadium P-A announcer, two or three hot dog vendors – and the Red Sox owners, John Henry, Larry Lucchino, and Tom Werner. Incredibly, the Globe writes, as if this is the way brands with hundreds of millions of dollars operate:

“The owners also indicated in postseason remarks they were generally unaware of how deeply damaged the Sox had become until after the season. They denied being distracted by their expanding sports conglomerate…”

In a 2500-word article implying incompetence by the General Manager, inattention – possibly caused by inappropriate drug use – by the Manager, that’s all the criticism owners Henry, Lucchino, and Werner, get; even when they admit, in the article that “they were generally unaware of how deeply damaged the Sox had become until after the season” — even when other baseball people were talking about that damage in early September. If you ever need to de-construct a newspaper story based on anonymous sources – especially one printed in one of the so-called “more respectable” papers – all you need to know is who the writer savages and who he lets get away with it. Follow the blame. Whoever doesn’t get it, is probably the source.

“In the ugly aftermath the Sox owners privately vowed to correct any lingering problems.”

The Sox owners are the sources. And if their childishly simple promise is to be fulfilled, the first thing Henry, Lucchino, and Werner need to do is find out which of them, or which of their minions, was so ethically bankrupt as to trash the men who made the team’s success possible, as they went out the door.  They need to know which of them decided to scapegoat a universally-respected baseball man like Francona by dragging in his marriage, his health, and the fact that he himself volunteered to double-check his own use of pain medication with the team doctor to make sure it wasn’t excessive.

Incidentally, if a ballplayer was in such pain from 30-year old knee problems that he had to have blood drained from one of them hours before a game, on the road, by the visiting team’s doctor, **in** the stadium, and he still played that night with only mild medication, the owners wouldn’t imply he was abusing painkillers – they’d deify him. They did so when a pitcher named Curt Schilling pitched a World Series game in 2004 even though blood was supposedly leaking from surgery on a tendon sheath in his right ankle. He’s a legend. But Francona’s option wasn’t picked up and he was portrayed as having a problem.

Yet there was one more detail about Francona, revealed to the newspaper, that elevates this particular hatchet job to the level of making one hope it is another 93 years before Boston wins, that they go from the overwrought “Curse Of The Bambino” to “The Curse Of The Lucchino.”

“While Francona coped with his marital and health issues, he also worried privately about the safety of his son, Nick, and son-in-law, Michael Rice, both of whom are Marine officers serving in Afghanistan.”

To drag into this, the service to this country of Francona’s son, and son-in-law, is not only beyond any pale. It isn’t even new. They didn’t just get there this year. But publicizing where they are is something Francona has asked even his friends not to do. It actually might materially affect their safety.

But a large corporation, needing to scapegoat the departing geniuses whom they will replace with malleable mediocrities, doesn’t give a damn about anybody but the three clowns at the top, who have mistaken the success and effort of others, for something they somehow created. Not even the one thing those owners did bring to the equation – cash for a large payroll – earns them any credit. The principal owners of the Red Sox only became such, via a sweetheart deal engineered by the Commissioner of Baseball a decade ago. They have been playing with house money ever since.

And they have now shown themselves to be truly good at only one thing: blaming others.

In short, the wrong executives are leaving Boston.

UPDATE: I left out another relevant morsel in this unpleasantness. The Boston Globe is still owned by The New York Times. And The New York Times still owns 16.6 percent of New England Sports Ventures. And New England Sports Ventures still owns the Red Sox, Fenway Park, and much of NESN, among other stuff.

(Don’t normally do this, but I’ll have more on this extraordinary slime job on tonight’s TV show)


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  2. lou josephs

    I read the original hatchet piece, conveniently taking the blame off ownership for something that they caused. Good look to the all new Chicago out National League

  3. Erik Johnson


    I have to mostly agree with you. I think the general consensus is that ownership threw these guys (especially Tito) straight under the bus. It is a nasty way to go.

    I’m really focused on seeing how much of the Red Sox front office ends up shaken up. While we know how the high profile baseball operations jobs have been handled, I’m also wondering how some of the others will go. Public relations especially!

  4. Hank Single

    Great article – the legacy of this ownership group is the smear campaign; they’ve been villifying hometown heroes who had the audacity to ask for market value for decades – Nomar, Lowe, Pedro, Manny – more recently Jason Bay, they crushed Tek to anyone who listen when his contract came up…now they’re trying to ruin Wakefield’s image with one stray comment from the guy whose pay they cut last year – ostensibly because they had to overpay another shortstop.

    Scumbags and losers – can’t wait for another couple decades of pink hats and mediocrity.

  5. Rob

    Keith excellent job you need a seperate twitter for your sports input you were great on ESPN .. Love your politics and news but itd be cool of you shared your valued opinions about current events in sports, maybe even more than baseball? Thanks and stay honest!

  6. Patricia Powell Couvillion

    It is the right thing to do, Keith! Expose the truth! Why does this tale remind me of The Cask of Amontillado by Poe? Luchesi…Lucchino. The darkness of the catacombs. The lies. Evil intentions. To Tito…who you are tells your story more than any words can. People will know the truth. They know a good man when they see one. At least the decent ones do! Don’t feel all alone, either! The world is done with all the fake! We are ready for what is real. Best to you both! Use your forum, Keith! It is exactly why you are where you are. We love you and Tito!

    • wendy kaplan (use diehardbbfan)

      That crap from the Red Sox front office is reminiscent of the job their predecessors did trashing Mo Vaughn–they spread rumors from anonymous sources that Mo abused cocaine–yeah, sure, that’s why he was so skinny. Any way, Gammons trailed these hideous rumors back to their source–and it was the Red Sox front office. They were doing this to alienate the fans from Mo so they could let him walk without an outcry. The Sox ownership is just as ethicallly bankrupts as their predecessors. Yeah, what did Francona and Epstein ever do for us except bring us two World Series titles!?>?>

  7. Mike (@thwhshsa)

    To say I’m dismayed at this turn of events is an understatement. I will try not to let this tarnish the golden year of ’04 and the repeat in ’07, but somehow my Red Sox cap doesn’t look quite right anymore.

  8. ShoeBeDoBeDo

    I guess I’m just in a foul mood. This article (not your fault, Keith) has only added to my current general disgust and disdain for those business owners who place money ahead of people, and think nothing of trashing those same decent, hard-working people who are responsible in part for their success.

    I really feel for Mr. Francona. I pray that he and his family will be left in peace to deal with matters that should have remained private.

    These Red Sox owners are the lowest of the low and should be drummed out of Boston to go join the ranks of the other dirtbag executives on Wall Street. All of them be damned.

  9. bigperm33

    This has been the m.o. if these Red Sox owners for as long as they have been here. They did the same to Nomar as he was sent packing and did the same with Manny and several others (Derek Lowe, Orlando Cabrera). And they did it again with Francona – the problem being that while the owners maintain a friendly relationship with the Globe, they decided to smear someone who is otherwise universally respected by members of the media – so while media members may have sat back before when Sox owners smeared those they cut ties with, that isn’t going to happen this time with Francona. I’m a Sox fan, and have no issue with Francona going and/or Epstein. I am grateful for all they did, but sometimes, new blood isn’t a bad idea. Regardless, both deserved to leave with respect. But the Sox owners couldn’t do that. They couldn’t just sit back and wish them both well. They had to do this hatchet job and it is disgusting. And shame on Hohler and the Globe for allowing themselves to be used once again by the Sox ownership.

    • Jim Pitt

      I’m a diehard Sox fan and I agree on all points. It is absolutely stunning how badly ownership has bungled this.

  10. no way dude

    Steinbrenner on Red Sox president/CEO Larry Lucchino: “I have nothing against him except I wouldn’t want him in my foxhole. Look at Lucchino’s history. In San Diego, he ruined that guy out there [owner John Moores]. He ruined Eli Jacobs [in Baltimore]. He’s not my kind of guy. Not a good man.”

  11. Sam

    The ownership is most likely at fault because greedy rich people usually are. But a reporter (or reporters) still had to ask the questions and write the story. And this is where I blame the media. Or kill the messenger, if you prefer. I hated the San Francisco Chronicle stories about Barry Bonds. And the book that followed. To me, it’s just making money off of another person’s life. And considering Bonds was targeted by the head of the free world in a State of the Union– kind of creepy. So all these smear jobs bother me. The stories on A-Rod. Why don’t we have sports heroes anymore? Not because the players in the old days were better people. It’s because the media didn’t expose every flaw they had. It’s the culture of negativity. Trump saying “You’re fired.” The British guy on FOX making fun of people who can’t sing. And bread and circuses from the media to distract a dying middle class from its state of depression. Sports are supposed to be an escape from our dull, low-paying jobs (if we’re lucky to have them). But with envy of large salaries, and the preachy types in the media feeding the negativity, sports isn’t about sports anymore. So Boston had a bad September. It’s only the end of the world if you’re having a bad life.

  12. Truly S. (@hotincleveland)

    KO, I can’t claim expertise in baseball in general or the Sox in particular, but what you’re writing about here is an all-too-familiar pattern many of us can recognize…the story of corporate higher-ups of any kind who, having been oblivious themselves to a train wreck before it happened, immediately begin casting about for someone upon whom to lay blame after it does happen. And, of course, such people are never hard to find, are they? Usually, they’re the smart folks who actually saw the train wreck coming and tried to do something about it, but were unsuccessful because they were told “Oh, calm down, everything will be fine.” Then when the disaster plays out, they’re the first ones called into the office–and yes, they will be asked to shut the door. Before their desk seats are cold, the media will be getting the story about how it was too bad, but it had to be done: those incompetents just weren’t capable of minding the store, and here are all the dark and sordid personal problems they had that explain why…so you see, we just had to get rid of them, they left us no choice. Before long, replacements will appear: yes-men who will (whether or not they realize it) be the next suckers to feel the bus roll over their backs when something brown and smelly hits the fan. Sad. My sympathies to Mr. Francona and Mr. Epstein. I trust Mr. Francona, like Mr. Epstein, will find a new home at a club that appreciates him.

  13. John Dynia

    This is what the Red Sox always do, kick a guy as he leaves. Its a no class move by a no class franchise. As a Yankees fan I have always respected Francona. They did the same thing to Nomar, to Clemens, Johnny Damon. You think that by winning two World Series the fans and the organization would show him a modicum of respect but no, the Red Sox need a sacrificial lamb and unfortunately Tito is it.

    • johnshershar

      Despite your affiliation with the Evil Empire, I agree with everything you say here with the exception of the implication that the fans are throwing him under the bus. Let’s be clear that this conversation is about the ownership’s slander of Francona, not the fans. He lost control of the clubhouse, buts he’s hardly the only person responsible. Red Sox fans recognize that and appreciate his years of service, and bringing two championships to Boston.

      • La.

        I don’t think you’re paying attention, kid- for lo’ and behold- THE BOSTON RED SOX ARE THE (NEW) EVIL EMPIRE!
        The transition has been completed; let the reign (of ruins) begin!

  14. Ken

    8 years as manager of the Red Sox is enough. .. that pressure cooker is not the kind of job one would want for much longer. … They got 2 world series titles in that span. Good job. Good luck in the future. If ownership just said this it would be nice.

  15. Old Dodgers Fan

    Henry and company transcends borders and baseball–look to Liverpool Football Club and the smear campaign they pulled on Fernando Torres. He disagreed with the slow rebuilding plan and asked to leave. They allowed him to leave but not without trashing him completely. I smelled it a million miles away and now I know it’s standard operations for Henry and friends.

    • catherinerudge

      Regarding the Fernando Torres situation, Henry and co had no compulsion in destroying the reputation of a player who had given probably his best footballing years to the club and had been physically damaged in the process. The level of classlessness has even extended to Torres’ recent red card being reported at half-time at Anfield. Corporate ruthlessness seems to have completely erased the Liverpool tradition.

  16. Joe

    Keith is Yankee homer who reilshes bashing the Sox . If you think the owners
    leaked this, the groundskeepers where taking about this in August .

    • DJ

      Really, dunce? The groundskeepers were aware that Francona was using painkilling medication? And of the precise location of Francona’s son’s and son-in-law’s military posting? Are all Red Sox fans as stupid as you?

  17. Dave J.

    The thing I wonder about is whether or not the Sox committed an HPAA violation in talking about Tito’s pill use with a reporter. Assuming that he had a prescription for it, his usage would be subject to the same confidentiality I have with my doctor. Just as I could sue my employer for telling the local media about some medication I’m on, Tito could easily sue the Sox for the illegal disclosure of this information. What’s more, if he does not land a job managing a baseball team this coming year, he could convincingly claim real monetary damages caused by the leak of this info. Seems like a pretty foolish and reckless thing to have let this information out.

  18. Lori M

    The truly interesting thing is that the “slime job” may have backfired. Most analysts I have heard or read today blame the players in the locker room for no policing themselves.

  19. J.J.

    May John Henry rot in Liverpool, where he said he didn’t know anything about the club before NESV bought it. He also supports a call by some EPL clubs to allow them to individually sell foreign TV rights rather than share the revenue from a league contract with poorer clubs. Greedy bastard!

  20. Pete D

    Here’s hoping its another 95 years for for Sox to win championship again!
    This team didnt deserve the likes of Tito and Theo!!
    I think the leaker is Lucchino too!!

  21. ShoeBeDoBeDo

    Re the Update: Golly, sounds like a whole lotta potential “deep pockets” to me. I wouldn’t blame either Messrs. Francona or Epstein for dipping into that deep well. Turnabout is fairplay and all of that.

  22. April Darcy (@Dargamogirl)

    Besides my Mets, Boston use to be one of my fav team. But after the way The Globe (with help from their “sources” AKA, the dimwit owners Henry, Lucchino, and Werner) trashed Francona & Epstein, they are now on the list of my most hated teams with the Skanks, Braves and Phils. As for Epstein, his brilliance will be on display when (hopefully) The Cubs have an amazing year in 2012. As for Mr. Francona is one of baseball’s finest men. He is a man any team would be lucky to have leading them. It is a disgrace the way his life was trashed this way. I wish Mr Francona the very best in anything he chooses to do now. As for the Red Sux, they could go to hell and I hope they never have another winning season again.

  23. herschel

    Everyone, top to bottom, is to blame for the sox collapse. Owners are scumbags, players are self-indulgent, greedy, man-children. Tito is the only one I really feel sorry for. Epstein is an avg gm who was given wonderkid status and has been riding it ever since. Most disappointing point in the globe article was reading about lester. Lackey and beckett I can see sitting on their asses and drinking beer during games. For some reason expected more from lester.

  24. Jeremy Naylor

    Mootek above has it right. Hohler is a former political reporter who covered the Sox for 2004 and who was an absolute journalistic disaster. He’s an “investigative” reporter for the Globe now and is a hack of the first order. The fact that his name was on the byline lays bare the lie that any part of this piece was objective. An outsider looking at this without this pitiful hack job would naturally wonder why the Sox were letting go a 2 time championship manager (who everyone in baseball respects) and 2 time GM. Excuse making, pure and simple.. And gross.

  25. rlk

    Thank you Keith. I have always thought Terry Francona is very good man. And am so glad someone is telling the world about it.

  26. gislebertus

    I can’t abandon my Sox, despite the idiots in charge. I’ll just suffer through, like I always have. However (and more importantly): thank you for doing Francona justice. I will remain disgusted by his treatment for quite some time. You’re spot on here, Keith.

  27. Chadzo

    Unbelievably great stuff, Mr. Olbermann. As a Chicago baseball fan, I’ve been a bit distracted recently from the cowardly idiocy occurring in Boston. Thank you for shedding some much needed light on the situation. Hopefully(104), Epstein gets the chance to make the Cubs contenders. We’ll see…….

  28. Jason Christopher

    KO, Kudos for shedding light on the fact that the Sox ownership was allowed to purchase the team on a “sweetheart deal.” Some industries would deem this business unethical or even illegal, yet being in Selig’s pocket really is the one thing the Henry group has succeeded at. Did you know that Henry loaned Selig many millions of dollars when his Brewers were in financial ruins? Funny that years later Selig allows Henry to buy the Sox even though they were not the highest bidder. He single handedly made MLB buy the Expos and let another pal take on the Marlins with a zero interest loan. Now that Selig is stepping down in a year, the Sox brass has run its best employees out of town right before the lose their sweetheart inside advantage. Maybe Selig will make another wild card so that a 3rd place Boston team can make the playoffs?

  29. jan gillis

    Tito was a class act and refused to throw anyone under the bus. If he had a fault, it was his extreme loyalty to the players.
    Theo was a wonder-boy initially. He more recently threw money away on Dice-K, Drew, Crawford, Lackey, etc.
    I am not surprised to hear that Lackey was drinking and that Beckett was over-indulging. I am extremely disappointed in hearing that Lester joined in with them.
    A blind man could see that many of the players felt NO URGENCY as things disintegrated in Sept. Owners hire Gm’s and Managers to know what is happening from day to day. Either Tito and Theo knew or were incompetent that such nonsense took part during games.
    I probably will not have many standing with me in saying that the HATCHET JOB on Tito was done by some uhhappy and overpaid player !!!

  30. fred

    Such a facile conclusion you’ve reached, Keith. Your cynical, anti-ownership conspiracy theories happen to fit in pretty conveniently with pre-existing bias/malice toward Larry and the Boston media. Larry’s only motive for a venomous leak against Tito would have been a broken heart; but as we saw last week at the various press conferences, their divorce was pretty amicable. Larry and owners weren’t the source of the leak.

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  32. vp19

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Larry Lucchino was the source, given his track record. As a Nationals fan, I’m still miffed at his hubris in placing a Bosox fantasy camp in Bethesda, Md., this past summer — the first time one of these camps has been held in another team’s market — to take advantage of all the wealthy Ivy League ex-New Englanders in the D.C. area with federal government jobs. (The Nats should have complained publicly about it, but knew it would get them nowhere; thanks to that cushy deal Selig gave them, the Red Sox “run” MLB the same way Walter O’Malley did in his heyday.) That the New England Evil Empire didn’t make the playoffs this year was pure karma.

  33. Joy

    This whole situation in Boston is disgusting but it doesn’t surprise me. Any where you have that much money involved, you can always count on a smear job from the powers that be. They sure did use them as scape goats. Good thing us north siders love goats! As a life long Cub I am very psyched about Epstein coming to the north side. I would love to see Francona come with.

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  35. Bruinsnolongerinruins

    Keith, you do realize that the NYT has been selling out their piece of Fenway Sports Group. It’s stake is now down to just 7%,

  36. Red Sox Fan

    When John Henry got married in the past year or so, didn’t he also put his new wife in charge of the renovations they seem to do every offseason at Fenway, sacking the lady in classless fashion who had held that position for years? I can’t recall the names but remember reading about it in the Globe and being amazed at such a bush move by Henry.

  37. EddieM

    It really is pathetic the way the Red Sox ownership operates, they try to emulate the Yankees in every way but they’ll always come up short in the class department. Dragging Tito’s sons service into it is lower than low.

  38. backinboston

    People in Boston still love Francona. All you need to do is read the comments on to see that (pick any of the articles on the Red Sox). I also think the Globe article made the owners look clueless. So if they really were the sources behind the article and hoped it would shift the blame away from them, they miscalculated.

  39. Beverly Miller

    I have turned in my pink hat. I was on the edge anyway since they dissed Johnny Damon. This latest disgusting drama is the last straw! If Ortiz goes to NY I will follow.

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  41. Jason Christopher

    We will always look back on 2011 and remember the Red Sox for pulling off the biggest collapse and CHOKE in SPORTS history. Who would have thought that gloating about 2004 at the Yankees expense would come back to bite?

    I can’t see a team in any sport choking worse than this, ever.

    • vp19

      It’s amazing people how soon people have forgotten the Braves’ collapse, which matched that of the Bosox nearly step for step. Of course, they aren’t drama queens in Atlanta, which may have something to do with it — and Furman Bisher never used the Braves as his own personal cottage industry, unlike Dan Shaughnessy with the Red Sox.

  42. Garrett Burns


    As a result of whom you are and the nonsense that comes out of your mouth daily; please stop commenting on the Red Sox…Stick to your stellar ratings on CurrentTv..

    • Jason Christopher

      I think Keith did a pretty good job commenting on the worst collapse / choke in sports history. He could have written more, but I think he exhibited good sportsmanship by leaving some stones unturned. I think he, like most fans, feels bad for the fans of Boston.

  43. Tomas Scheckter

    Ummmmm, the Red Sox “dynasty of the last decade”??? You mean that “dynastic” decade that included three 3rd place finishes and completely missing the playoffs five times?

  44. Pat

    Keith –
    I rarely, if ever, agree with your politics; wish you stuck with sports full time – truly enjoy and appreciate your gifts in that regard. . .

  45. Claire Daniel

    Keith, Thanks for speaking what had not been said. You are the best news broadcaster alive. If Tito goes to the Cubs, I’m trading
    NESN for May do that anyway. . .but I’ll never join the evil empire.

      • jan gillis

        How about the leaks coming from one of the overpaid party animals?
        Theo did not do his due diligence on Beckett. Mike Lowell has said that he had to reign him in at one time when they played together. These guys were a disease in the club house. Boston needs a tough new manager who will set down rules and enforce them.Tito should have known what was happening and either did not; or the players did not respect and listen to him. Either way, he saw the handwriting and moved on . For the millions that the THREE AMIGOS received, it is not too much to ask that they sit on the bench for 3 hours and watch and encourage their teammates; rather than to yuk it up with beer and video games. How disrespectful they were to those in the trenches. !!

  46. john keane

    All of a sudden KO is a Red Sox expert? Please stop. Tito did a great job. The owners didnt smear him. Reports have peaked into every said, and unsaid, word. Please stop. What next? Pierce Morgan?

    • jan gillis

      Tito was the Manager and should have known that something was very wrong in the Clubhouse. He is a nice guy and did not want to throw any players under the bus in his exit interview. It is a shame that overpaid jocks could not exhibit team spirit on the day that they were not pitching; they drank and played video games instead of cheering on their teammates for 3-4 hours. Shameful behavior!!!

  47. john keane

    please dont forget these horrible owners brought red sox nation 2 world series…have you lost your minds? Now they want to trash tito? Grow up.

    • jan gillis

      Owners hire GM’s and Managers to oversee the day to day operations.
      It should be made clear to players that certain behaviors are totally unacceptable, will not be tolerated and will result in loss of pay !!! What if there were an injury and one of these players were called in to play on a moment’s notice? They would have been too polluted!!
      It is obvious to a blind man that the players were disrespectful to Tito. Therefore, I can understand his wanting to have a change and to leave. Henry said the leaks about Tito and his personal life did not emanate from ownership. It therefore came from an exposed player!!!! Again, shameful !!!

  48. Thirdpig

    Lucchino is a third leg, no doubt, and not someone I would want to have a beer with. However, wake up people- they agreed to keep it in-house, and then Tito went on WEEI with his Popeye shirt and said that ownership didn’t have his back. Lucchino then said ” hmm, I guess we don’t have to keep it in-house after all.”

    That’s business baby. Go rock yourself to sleep with your teddy bears if it makes you sad. Tito should have kept his mouth shut or come out with guns blazing- obviously he’s a hard ball amateur when it comes to the business side and Lucchino went nuke on him.

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