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The Proverbial One Legged Butt Kicking Contest

Logan Morrison of the Florida Marlins (@LoMo on Twitter) and yours truly (@KeithOlbermann on Twitter) are both out with left foot injuries. His is a sprained arch plus ligament damage to the top of his foot. Mine is a stress fracture on the top of my foot. He’s in a hard cast till next week, on crutches; I’m in a soft cast, on a cane.

The outfielder who got off to such an outstanding start was one of my wisest acquisitions for my fantasy team, and I was honored to be able to thus name the squad in memory of his late father, as I named it last year after my late father.

Needless to say, with all these coincidences, naturally we have somehow managed to challenge each other to make the cliche come to life: the proverbial one-legged men in the butt-kicking contest. We have exchanged challenge photos:

To which Mr. Morrison has responded:Frankly, I’m betting on him. Better stance, far better balance, and the cast is a huge advantage over my surgical shoe.