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Exactly What The Mets Need

So it’s official now: The Wilpons have found a minority investor who is willing to fork over $200,000,000 for 49% of the Mets’ franchise – but unless the terminology is deliberately misleading, no final say over a team that the majority investor just mentioned the other day was “bleeding cash” and could lose $70 million this year.

So…now the team is going to bleed some of the new investor’s cash? Did $34 million of David Einhorn’s still-unapproved investment just go sliding down the proverbial rat hole before they could get him his new souvenir jersey with his name on it, right above the number “49%”?

And after what was thought to be a solid if lunkheadedly-run ballclub turned out to be in economic quicksand due to its association with the supposedly fabulous investment mega-money making genius Bernie Madoff, is it smart for the Wilpons and the Mets to now get into bed with a supposedly fabulous investment mega-money making genius David Einhorn?