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Kids? At A Ballgame?

The scoreboard operators here at Frontier Field in Rochester did it either out of habit, or out of sleep deprivation – they’d been there late Wednesday, and this game was an 11:05 AM start. Whichever explanation, this much is certain. They will not do it again.

They will not put the message “Make Some Noise” on the scoreboard again – not when the announced attendance was nearly 9,000 and the adults were outnumbered 10:1.
The resultant screech was nearly enough to send blood gushing from the ears of the grown-ups, and to terrify the youngest in the crowd. Something like 8,000 fingernails on a blackboard, all at once. But once it subsided, what a marvelous flashback it was, to the days when the background noise at almost any day baseball game, majors or minors, was several octaves higher than it is today.
Thousands of kids, at a pre-noon weekday start, on Scout Day, with great blotches of color where groups from various camps wore identical t-shirts…
They did not all survive the twelve innings of choice International League four-hour baseball, during which three separate storms drenched the assembled. But they were enough to cheer any jaded fan. A kind of wider view, with the Kodak Building, image right:
And two kids of particular note, one who has appeared here previously, Yankees and Red Wings fan, Jacob, my nephew, at his 11th birthday party with 10 surprisingly well-behaved fellow 11-year olds, and with one surprise visit to the press box (hey, he beat me into one by five years):
And, new to this blog, and having either spied Dora the Explorer, or possibly Kevin Mulvey, just sent back down to the Rochester Red Wings not two days after I mentioned him here in connection with Santana and Halladay trades, my niece, Eve, who can indeed shout “Ballgame!” whenever one is contemplated, or “Red Wings!” whenever they are mentioned, and who remained completely engaged for the eleven innings we sat there – a hopeful sign for the future of our sport, and a bigger wiseguy than even her uncle…