Jay Bruce Hurt

X-rays and maybe an MRI will ultimately say how bad, but Jay Bruce of the Reds appeared to have badly injured his wrist on a sliding, diving bid to catch David Wrights fly here in the bottom of the first at CitiField. While there was no obvious indication of a bone break, Bruce clearly was in significant pain and not able to straighten the wrist out after he seemed to bend it the wrong way during the mishap. Bruces nightmarish last month then climaxed with a slow walk into the Reds dugout – he was replaced by Chris Dickerson. In other bad news for the Cincinnatis, Johnny Cueto had another painful first frame: 40 pitches, three runs, four hits, two walks, saved only when he struck out Johan Santana with the bases loaded and two out. For the Mets, Jeff Francoeur caught the ganmes first out and knocked in its first runs – and there was already at least one fan wearing a Francoeur 12 jersey in the stands (photo later).

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  1. hbremmer@sbcglobal.net

    Cub’s pitcher Harden pitched an amazing game Friday and not in a good way. He loaded the bases several times on walks because he could’nt find the strike zone, then he apparently decided Thurston had the elusive strike zone in his back pocket. He threw the ball behind Thurston, the catcher could’nt control it so Thurston got on first base. He was not helped by an error by Soriano. Today, however, they beat the Cards. That must’ve been some after game “pep” talk by Piniella! And the notable factoid about that game is that is that there were two players named Hofpauir on the field. Hrabosky said they aren’t related but I bet there’s a connection somewhere.

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