Bruce Update: Broken Wrist

t was indeed bad. Jay Bruces wrist is fractured and this was discerned less than two innings after he was walked off the field here in Queens. Reds GM Walt Jocketty, passing through the media area, looked a little wan, to say the least. Barely two hours ago Jerry Hairston was telling me he had hopes if being competitive in the wide-open NL Central if our rightfielder gets going. No time frame is officially offered yet but Bruces chances of getting going would seem to depend entirely on him getting going to Lourdes.

One comment

  1. metspete

    Keith: first time here. What are your thoughts on the Francouer trade? I personally think a young man 5 years younger than Church still has a shot of being a significant talent on a team. Also: is Minaya tied up because of Wilpon’s budget? Can he renegotiate a contract to ensure a players continued presence on the team if traded for?

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