Yankees-Red Sox 3

Well that changes everything. The 78th pitch of Jon Lesters long night here at Yankee Stadium just rocketed back off Melky Cabreras bat and the inside of Lesters right knee. He started to drop to the ground before the ball did, and when Terry Francona and the training staff helped him down the steps toward the Boston clubhouse, Lester has to hop from one step to the next. As the old grim joke goes, I dont know what it is, but Im guessing its broken.


  1. olympictrees@aol.com

    I hope Jon Lester is okay. Sounds painful!

    Other than that, it sounds like an interesting game. And if you will forgive me – it’s good to know that you’re out doing something fun. I’ve been worried about your father (we do care). I was afraid that you were away from work because he was getting worse. Glad you’re at a game, and getting a chance to relax! Best of luck to you and your family.

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