Yankees-Red Sox 4: Lester Leaps Out

Nothing broken. Jon Lester left tonights game here with nothing worse than a contusion of the right quad – x-rays at Yankee Stadium negative and hes day-to-day (were all day-…). After Lester had been levelled by Melky Cabreras third-inning line stove – as Sox radio play-by-play man Joe Castiglione had put it in the press box hallway half an inning earlier – our season hangs in the balance in the trainers room.


  1. john.wills@pahosp.com

    Keith: You have reinforced my sense that there’s a correlation between baseball and jazz fan-dom for those of us a little more senior. Lester Leaps Out from Lester Leaps In (see Lester Young ) . Great! Jack Wills (Phlounderin’ Phillie Phan)

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