Notes From A Hospital Waiting Room

This thing in Atlanta. This is really happening? The Braves, 8-1/2 behind the Rockies 18 days ago, have won 15 of 17, are two behind the Rockies in the Wild Card, and four behind the Phillies for first in the division, with five to play? It is of course impossible, even for a team on as much of a roll as Bobby Coxs, to pull this off – except we so easily forget: this is almost exactly what the possible victims here, the Rockies, did to San Diego in 2007. Plus there are two very relevant facts here: since Jim Tracy took over, Colorado has been so hot that they necessarily had to cool down (as will the Braves), and if Atlanta pulls this off they can thank Jair Jurrjens. After he beat the Marlins tonight he rose to merely 9-1 against the NL East (yes, its 4-0 versus the Mets; that still leaves 5-1 versus everybody else). This is one of the more remarkable stats of the last few years. And lets not even start talking about how the Phlounderin Phillies have enabled all this.



    I, for one, hope the Phillies will continue to “Phlounder”, because I “phreaking” can’t stand them, LOL! Go Atlanta! Go Rockies! Go ANYBODY but the Phils!!! 😀

    On a serious note, I’m sorry to hear you had to post this from the hospital. I hope your father will feel better soon. Thanks for taking the time to post. We’re out here rooting for you and your “Olberdaddy”, as he’s become affectionately known here on the internets. 🙂

  2. ineberated

    I’d like to see Atlanta pull this off, just for the charm of “holy crap, Atlanta totally pulled that off.” But one still can’t help but feel sorry for the Mets. Seriously.
    Hope everything is okay. Nothing but good thoughts your way, man.


    From here in Atlanta, thanks for the comments and the props to J.J., who is indeed The Man–just give him a little run support and he’ll get ya there.

    Sincere best wishes to you, your father, and your family.


    Thank you for posting from such an emotional room. It takes so much courage and strength to think and write about anything but the most cherished ones in our lives. Take care of him and we won’t stop praying for his quick recovery. God bless
    Please keep us updated

  5. historymike

    Keith, you and your family are in our thoughts.

    As a Dodger fan, I don’t know who or what to root for! But since I never thought Jim Tracy was a genius when he was with my team, I am not inclined to want him considered one now with the Rockies. No offense, Rockies fans.

    By the way, Keith, my wife saw you on Football Night in America and wondered if you ever sleep. I told her my problem with you was that you were covering such an unimportant sport, compared with baseball.


    I’ve been a Braves fan since I was four and grew up with the Braves of the 90s. While I miss the days of us being 20 games ahead with 15 left in the season, the last two or three weeks have been very exciting for me. As someone who cried in 2006 after the epic 18 inning game that ended in a Braves loss to keep us from the playoffs…I’m incredibly invested in the next few games.

  7. sonnyjackson

    You better believe it is really happening – and it is not impossible. JJ has been great, and so has Vasquez. Both would be Cy Young candidates had they gotten more run support. The Braves can win this – and I mean the division. I’m sorry you are writing from the hospital. I’ve been missing you on countdown but Mr. L has been holding down the fort. May God bless you and your family.


    In Atlanta, we’ve just come to accept that our beloved team will pull something of a surprise in the end. It does not happen every time, but a lot of really great wins happened after we were behind for the entire game; that it is happening as far as wins are concerned…well…we will just keep grinning about it. Bobby is crediting the pitching, according to the AJC.

    I will keep your father, you and your family in my prayers; I think that echoes the feelings of most Countdown viewers, if not all.

  9. giantsteps

    Guess if the Giants can’t be the one to knock the Rockies out of the playoff picture, it might as well be the Braves, especially now that Cox has announced that next year will be his final year. (Doesn’t Bobby Cox hold the record for ejections?)

    And having been there, done that and got the T-shirt on the parental hospital watch front (and gearing up to go through deja vu all over again with my husband’s parents), I’m holding you and yours in my thoughts and prayers, as are many folks over at a certain “orange” site you’ve been known to hang out at. 😉


    Hey Keith! I hope the Braves make it. Having the Braves back in the post-season kinda means things are righting themselves in a sense. It brings me back to all those great times in the late 90s with the Braves duking it out with my beloved Mets. Though I wouldn’t mind the Rockies making it either.
    Also my thoughts are with and your family right now. I hope your dad pulls through. Hang in there!


    Hey Keith,

    How is your father doing? I know it’s not really any of our business, but we really do care about you and your family. Even just a brief note now and then would be great. Please? 🙂

    I hope he’s getting better… and I wish you all the strength in the world. Good luck!


    For us Mets fans, the NL race was academic a long time ago.


    Best wishes to you and your father — may he rally like the Mets in the sixth game of the ’86 Series! Have you tried turning your hat inside out?


    Good vibes coming your dad’s way, Keith.

    And, the Phils’ will clinch tonight. See you next year, Braves…

  14. budkin

    Great story for Atlanta… but as a Mets fan (yes, this year has been a complete disaster) I look forward to a real 3 team division race next year.

    Keith, simply put, you are my hero and I’m so sorry for what you are going through right now with your father. I lost mine 3 years ago so I know how you must be feeling. I will keep the both of you in my thoughts.

    Good night and good luck.

  15. diehardcubforever


    Big fan of Countdown and your blogs and have been a fan of you since your ESPN days….i grew up watching you and Dan Patrick and have followed you ever since.

    This is why I love baseball….the last week of the season where everyone is on eggshells waiting to see how everything shakes out…I love the postseason and even if my Cubbies and your Mets aren’t there, it should still be a good one….I’m really hoping the Yankees and Red Sox meet up in the ALCS and give us another great 7 game series like they have over the years…

    My prayers are with you and your father….I lost mine many years ago and I know the feeling and how much having that comfort meant to me….but baseball and sports in general helped me get through it all.

    A friend once told me:

    Baseball isn’t that important…..
    But it’s important.

    Words I live by everyday.


    It’s a crazy time, this end of season, this September. My Red Sox clinched their wild card spot by two losses-one when the Rangers lost last night and the other their own against the Blue Jays. The past week, Tito seems to be playing the kiddos from the Paw Sox instead of my Red Sox, so no wonder we’ve lost and so resoundingly lately! I know, save your A game for the post season, but it’s tough to watch your team get spanked by a less capable team.

    It’s been a tough few months for your family as well…I hope this storm passes quickly and with long-lasting blue skies.

  17. dj2jd5jm7

    I am a fan of yours from my husband introducing me to Countdown, but I am a baseball fan because of my father.
    My thoughts and prayers to you and your family. May baseball and your fans help you through this difficult time.

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