Yankees-Red Sox Last

Not only was Jon Lester in good enough shape to stick around and do interviews after the Red Sox 9-5 loss to the Yankees – he did them standing up. The impact point just below the right knee is just red right now – he expects a bruise by morning – and he insists he will not only make his next start but he will not even limit his next in-between starts throwing session.


  1. lreed@niu.edu

    Hi KO!
    Glad to see that your Yankee’s are doing so well this year. Maybe you guys could send some of that good karma over to Chicago for the Cubbies next year?

    Hope your dad is feeling better.

  2. giantsteps

    Glad you were able to make it out to the game. As a veteran of the hospital watch many times over, sometimes you just have to grab those little moments of normalcy wherever you can find them.

    Also glad to hear Lester seems to have come out of the incident relatively unscathed other than probably seeing his career flash before his eyes.

    Best to you and yours…

  3. natalier

    Hi, Keith. We always miss you when you are not on Countdown. I hope your father is doing decently. We are looking forward to your return in these MOST important days of health care HOPEFULLY reform!!

  4. vansgirl12@gmail.com

    Thanks for the heads up! I was worried about the guy. I’m not a Red Sox fan in the least but I want to see a good match up. Glad he’s going to continue playing.

  5. eeebayou

    My MLB question of the day:
    In an attempt to liquidate a few excess rings, trophies, watches, etc, why would Nails have run the risk of being caught on Japan TV at a Beverly Hills pawn shop when he could have used the discreet envelope provided by Cash4Gold and gotten a 20% bonus during their $200 million buying spree?

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