Game 2: Pre-Game

Funny that A.J. Burnett said he cant remember much about his kaboom start against the Phillies in the Bronx in May, but Pedro Martinez seems to recall every detail of every nanosecond he spent at the old Yankee Stadium, and in fact each moment inside the city of New York, and probably which of Don Zimmers fingers first touched him during their still remarkable brawl.
I wonder if the Phillies were not reminded by the travails of Brad Lidge of the intensity and focus required to win a Worlds Championship, while the Yankees might have begun to believe all of the exaggerated things written about them in the New York papers. They still dont seem even slightly worried, and given that Burnett has proved himself the most easily rattled pitcher since Nuke LaLoosh, they should be.


  1. omniality

    Ah, a Nuke LaLoosh reference. Top drawer.

    Let’s hope to God A.J. Burnett doesn’t take the mound tonight wearing just a jockstrap, stirrups, and cleats.

  2. jimmyjarhead

    Maybe Annie’s garter belt would help.. just have to remember the rose goes in the front, big guy.

    I see my old friend Bobby V. is stateside. I hope he can get a job in a MLB dugout again. Perhaps he could bring Tim Johnson back from his Elba. Let’s see if we could get Bobby V., Tim Johnson, Davy Lopes, and Von Joshua all in the same dugout. It sure would make it easy for the Spokane Indians when they celebrate the 40th anniversary of the best team in Minor League history next year. One phone call would do it all. Maybe Garvey, Cey and Billy Russell will be busy that weekend. I thought that first pitch in LA with Lopes in the Philly dugout was the least classy thing the Dodgers have done since signing 99.

  3. shfinn

    I hope A game Burnett shows up. Is it too late to sign Amanda Whurlitzer?

    Funny you bring up the Zimmer/Pedro incident, I have been arguing this for two days with Yankee hating people seemingly all over the net, it appears they think if an old man runs towards a young man the young man has no responsibility to not engage him.

    I just don’t get that.


    Fortunately, Burnett didn’t seem to be doing his impression of Nuke tonight. 🙂

    I thought it was disgraceful, how Martinez grabbed Zimmer and threw him down. Zimmer started it, but Martinez could have just shoved him away once or twice, until other people arrived to break things up. I’m reminded of an NBA game years ago, in which the Suns’ A.C. Green got a tooth knocked out by an opposing player. Everybody expected him to get angry and go after the guy, but Green had enough class to be calm, pick up the tooth, and walk away. Now that is conduct becoming of a sportsman. If only Martinez had one iota of that level of character.

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