Game 2: Posada Sits!?!

The sense if the Yankees treating this like another mid-season game against a Detroit or maybe even a Cleveland is underscored by news that Joe Girardi is starting A.J. Burnetts personal catcher Jose Molina and not even keeping Jorge Posada in as the designated hitter.
In Burnetts last start with his essential, vital spirit guide, he gave up four runs in the first inning and then managed to avoid falling further down the stairs – an unfortunate bit of temporary success insomuch as it allowed him to be around to blow the lead produced by the Yanks late six-run rally against John Lackeys successors.
It is a luxury that may not be at all luxurious and is a little overpriced for a team that needs all the lefthanded hitting it needs tonight against Pedro Martinez.
The silver lining of course is that Posada can pinch hit for Molina. Possibly in the first or second inning after Burnett gets shelled again.


  1. grk9

    I can’t believe that Jorge Posada is all that stands between a Yankee victory or defeat. Molina is a good catcher. If AJ has a bad night or Molina fails to hit I think that’s more a tribute to Philadelphia’s abilities rather than a lack of AJ’s or Molina’s. You’re giving New York far too big an excuse for failure here. It’s not warranted. It’s a cop out. The rest of the Yankee lineup is not immune from blame for a Yankee defeat. By the way, the Yankees were quite able to lose the first game with Posada in there at catcher.

  2. shfinn

    I am confused, how did Burnett get to dictate who his catcher is? What is next will he dictate who plays right field, look out Nick.

    Girardi has made one mind bending decision after another all year. leaving Burnett in to start the 7th was just one of many, When Jorge batted in the sixth I was happy as I thought (foolishly) that meant we were getting rid of Burnett, but no he came out and pitched to Jorge.

    My real question, how does a team with a payroll as high as the Yankees not have a fully stocked, locked & loaded bullpen?

    I don’t think on it’s own Molina playing is a game changer, I do think letting any player dictate who plays is a very bad idea.

    I hope your Dad is getting better.

  3. 1948braves

    I noticed a few NYY fans today were a bit depressed. But I suppose any fan would be if their team lost the first game of the World Series. Pedro was a great pitcher, but I would be surprised if he shut down the NYY line-up tonite. Keep in mind also as the games head off to Philadelphia that the NYY played great on the road this season.

    NYY/Phillies – it’s a great match up.

    Pedro/Zimmer – Emotions were high in that series. Especially at that particular moment. I remember clearly Zimmer apologizing the next day, looking very embarrassed at the time and very very close to tears. It’s really too bad the incident ever took place.

    That was one heckuva pitching performance last night by Cliff Lee.

    “Nobody likes to hear it, because it’s dull, but the reason you win or lose is darn near always the same – pitching.” Earl Weaver

    Enjoy the game and the Series everyone.


    I agree with this: “My real question, how does a team with a payroll as high as the Yankees not have a fully stocked, locked & loaded bullpen?” That question has been on my mind for years.

    @grk9, Nobody said that “Posada is all that stands between a Yankee victory or defeat,” just that Burnett needs all the help he can get. So your entire delusion is based on a statement you pulled out of your hat. And in case you didn’t notice, the Yankees did win Game 2. Is that “a tribute to Philadelphia’s abilities”? No, it’s just the more likely scenario that BOTH teams are capable of winning the WS, not just the Phillies. 😉

    IMHO, Burnett did a good job tonight. My main complaint was the first base umpire’s awful call in the 7th inning. Yikes!

  5. denyankfan

    Godzilla had a good game at the plate, Molina picked off a runner, A.J. had a great game, and Posada drove in a run off the bench. Seemed to have worked out well to me!!!

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