I Got Blood Coming Out My Ears

Nothing against the multiple talents of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys but the pregame performance is a LITTLE LOUD.
This is not specific to such programs. They appear to have borrowed Spinal Taps control knob for the Yankee Stadium PA System. An Air Force flyover would probably be drowned out by the Yankee Trivia Quiz.
Nick Swisher, benched tonight in favor of Jerry Hairston, to a Yankee employee wishing him luck: Yeah Ill need it for my next at bat – in Game Seven.
One other thought before Game Two starts: wasnt there a time in the games history when a pitcher like Cliff Lee making a basket catch as he did last night would be greeted by an angry batsman charging the mound?


  1. olympictrees@aol.com

    It goes up to 11!! Maybe they put this one up to 12, instead?

    I hate it when the sound is so high that you can hear it three miles away. If your hearing is good, it won’t be when they’re done with you.

    Enjoy the game! We’ll miss you on Countdown, but I’m glad you’re having fun (or hoping you will have fun, in any case). 🙂

  2. 1948braves

    In answer to your question – yup.

    “Barry Bonds? I’ll tell you what, if he hit a home run off (Bob) Gibson or (Don) Drysdale and stood and admired it, they’d knock that earring out of his ear the next time up.” – National League Umpire Doug Harvey

    It’s a beautiful night and should be a great series.

  3. unpaka27@yahoo.com

    No pun intended, but I hear ya, where PA systems cranked up seemingly beyond the max are concerned. I once went to a small outdoor concert at a state fair, where I and everybody around me, even the young people, were holding their ears because the sound was way too loud. When teenagers think a concert is too loud, it’s time to turn it down. Ever since, I bring earplugs to concerts – they’re the only thing that will bring the sound down to a tolerable level. They also help to staunch the bleeding. 😀

    Regarding Cliff Lee, that *was* indeed a bit much. Even a playground pitcher would have taken a lot of flak from the other kids, for being such an arrogant showoff. You’d think an MLB pitcher would have grown out of that by now.

  4. shfinn

    That catch & his general demeanor (he seemed bored, should we have done something to entertain him?) Really irritated me, he was like it was spring training and did not matter. I hope we can keep him excited in the next game with some batting fireworks!

  5. minkyb63@yahoo.com

    It started in the early 90’s; now all ball games seem to be loud. Endless sound effects, music blaring at the slightest interval in the game, trivia questions, giveaways to people in the stands, etc. Then there are the visuals-the ribbon boards constantly blinking, Jumbotrons you can read from space…why do these team marketing departments think that people at the game DON’T WANT TO SEE THE GAME????

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