Game 3 – We Need The DH… Why?

The Phillies’ three-run rally in the second hinged on the high-quality bunt by Cole Hamels (and the Yankees’ inability to handle it – but ultimately that might have been incidental: a bad bunt is fielded easily by either Andy Pettitte or Jorge Posada).

The Yankees’ three-run rally (thus far) in the fifth hinged on Pettitte lacing a mediocre Hamels curveball into center for a one-out RBI single, part of the cascade that chased Hamels with one out.
Why do we assume that with the better training, better athleticism, better nutrition, of today’s players, that pitchers in a post-DH world would be automatic outs? Tonight they were integral – maybe the integral – offensive figures.



    Odd – I was thinking about the DH rule when I watched Pettitte batting earlier. There’s always that automatic assumption that pitchers won’t bat as well as they pitch, but why should that necessarily be true?

    On a side note, I saw a copy of Ken Burns’ “Baseball” (the companion book) in a used bookstore while I was visiting Seattle… for $12. I almost bought it, but I think it would have taken up probably half of the weight allotment for one suitcase. HUGE book. I’m kind of regretting passing on it, now… but isn’t that always the case? You know what they say about hindsight. 🙂


    i was speechless. i usually laugh when i see a pitcher at bat but now…now i’ve seen everything. much respect for pettite.

  3. 1948braves

    The way this game started, I was sure the Phillies were going to take this one tonight easily. Starting pitching not so good on either side. But then I am one who lives for the 1-0 World Series pitching performances with lots of strike outs and great defense. Throw in a play at the plate in the 9th to decide the game one way or the other. I know, those games are rare. And actually, this is a pretty good game tonight. All the games so far I think have been good.


    13 different pitchers have combined to hit 15 World Series home runs.

    “An outfield composed of (Ty) Cobb, (Tris) Speaker and (Babe) Ruth, even with Ruth, lacks the combined power of (Joe) DiMaggio, (Stan) Musial and (Ted) Williams.” – Connie Mack


    Forget about instant replay, how are we going to get the American League to revoke the DH? It takes away so much intrigue in any game, including those moments when an automatic out turns into an RBI. As a Phillies fan I was livid Pettite got that hit(first pitch curveball to the pitcher? what were you thinking Cole?), but at the same time I love seeing pitchers get wood on the ball. Speaking of which, with Sabathia tonight, we’re gonna see some serious cuts from a big man who loves to get ABs.

  5. pops8forever

    You know that they didn’t use the DH in the 1977 World Series? Is there a reason they didn’t use it that year?

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