Phils: Winning Stats, Losing Series

So, you’re the Phillies and three games into the World Series, you have already beaten CC Sabathia, and two of your stars have each produced a two-homer game. You’ve limited Melky Cabrera, Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez, and Mark Teixeira to one hit apiece. You caused Joe Girardi to bench Nick Swisher, you’ve faced Phil Hughes for four batters and gotten three of them on base, and you’ve not only scored first in every game, the latest you’ve scored your first run is the third inning.

You’re winning the Series, right?
If the Game Three loss were not critical enough – throw in the wasting of a two-clout night from Jayson “Stop Calling Me Dennis, Olbermann” Werth – please note Swisher is a breathing cliche of a streak hitter and a road hitter. I am still not a believer in using starters on short rest, but to tie the Series, the Phils must now defeat, or at least not be defeated by, Sabathia, again. 




    I remember years ago someone said that there was a substantive difference between big baseball and little baseball – and it’s true for basketball as well.

    Slam dunks and home runs make for great photo ops, and pretty scoring (and the fans love them) but they don’t win games. Good play and strong teamwork count for a lot more. Small “b” baseball wins out most of the time. Right now, the Yankees are playing better than the Phillies in those small but very important areas.

  2. shfinn

    For me tonight’s game really highlights that the Yankees can capitalize on mistakes and that they can hurt you from all nine positions.

    I was thrilled when Andy got the hit and when he came in to score! The “game audio” of Jeter saying how he was bragging was cool too!

    I am happy we ruined THEIR game one at home and that the Rollins 5 game prediction is toast and that they can’t win at home!


    LOL at “Jayson ‘Stop Calling Me Dennis, Olbermann’ Werth”! šŸ˜€

    It was especially sweet, beating the Phils in their own house. May the trend continue!!

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