Game 5: Forecast Correct

So you can now score the Joe Girardi/Dave Eiland experiment with pitching starters on three days’ rest at 1-for-3: a Sabathia victory in the ALCS, a Sabathia no decision in which he gave back a 2-0 lead and half of a subsequent 4-2 lead, and tonight’s Burnett implosion.

This does beg a question I had not considered before. Perhaps Girardi and Eiland were not shooting the works with Burnett on short rest rather than throwing Chad Gaudin as a sacrificial lamb. Maybe the Yankees knew they got an unrepeatable performance by the eminently reliable Burnett (you can always depend on him; he will always let you down) and he was the sacrificial lamb tonight.

Could’ve been worse from the Yankee perspective. When he went to the bullpen tonight, Girardi could have gone not to David Robertson but to Gaudin.



    Just watched the Phillies get their seventh run of the game. This is pretty depressing. A close game, one where it goes back and forth, is fun to watch. Even if the Yankees lost a game like that, you have to admit, in the end, that it was a great game to watch. But they are getting blown out of the water here. It begs the question: Where are the Yankees?

  2. mantlewasarockstar

    Pitching the erratic Burnett on 3 days rest was a bad move on Joe G’s part. And the Yankees paid for it tonight.


    “Implosion” is definitely the word for that debacle tonight. It was starting to look more like a football score, than a baseball score.

    And I think that “…you can always depend on him; he will always let you down,” would make a fantastic sig file quote. I’ll definitely be adding it to my repertoire of smart-alecky remarks.

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