The Phillies Already Won?

Imagine my surprise. To say nothing of Johnny Damon’s, and everybody else fortunate enough to be in Philly tonight.

As our NBC station in Philadelphia reports, the Philadelphia Inquirer has not only run an advertisement congratulating the Phils on a second straight Series crown, they’ve also reported some sort of exchange of Rush Limbaugh for Alex Rodriguez.

As I understand it, they’re still trying to reassure Kate Hudson that it really was just a typo.


  1. shfinn

    Can someone explain this Charlie Manuel quote please?
    “We’ve blown 22 games from the seventh inning on or something this year. That’s got to tell you something about the resilience of our team.” Sounds to me like they have blown a slew of games they should have won.

  2. grk9

    I think Charlie Manuel’s comment is pretty clear…

    He is simply saying that the Phillies blew 22 games they should have won this year and yet they’re still in the World Series. He is implying that the Phillies have blown a couple of games to the Yankees that they should have won and they have a track record of resilience — they manage to win anyway.

    Of course they have three more games to win to prove his point and the Yankees only have to win one to deny his point…

    But Charlie Manuel is no Yogi Berra.


    That Philadelphia Inquirer ad is nothing short of mindboggling. I simply can’t think of anything to add to that. @_@

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