Yankees-Red Sox 5: The Seventh Steal

To my knowledge, no team since the 1985 Cardinals of Vince Coleman ever made a statement with a stolen base, but here in the Bronx tonight the Yankees came close. As noted in the first post, New York stole three bases – basically uncontested – off Jon Lester and Jason Varitek in the first. The game count is now seven (including one from Alex Rodriguez that shouldve been called a bak on Hunter Jones). Rodrigue has three, Jeter two, and Cano and Damon one each. The message may be less about Boston having to watch out for the Runnin Yanks and more about putting some doubt in the minds of Terry Francona and John Farrell that their pitchers – even southpaws like Lester and Jones – are doing enough to keep runners close. That, in turn, could mean more throws to first, and that could lead to the length of the average Sox-Yanks game increasing from eight hours to a week-and-a-half.


  1. rbuonoco@optonline.net

    I love the in-game commenting, Keith. That 3rd SB for Alex should not have been, of course. But the official scorer determined the play wasn’t dead (huh?) Well, whatever. Have to admit it was fun to watch the Yanks run at will against Boston.

  2. latara

    Keith I love you but…. Roberts, 2004, Game 4 ALCS? That made a bit of a statement. It turned a freaking playoff series. The Red Sox were saying they weren’t giving up.

  3. rockesujith

    The Yankees – Red Sox rivalry is one of the oldest, most famous and fiercest rivalries in North American professional sports for over 100 years, Major League Baseball’s Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees of the American League have been intense rivals. The rivalry is sometimes so polarizing that it is often a heated subject, like religion or politics, in the Northeastern United States. In addition, the teams have twice met in the last regular-season series of a season to decide the league title, in 1904 (when the Red Sox won) and 1949 (when the Yankees won).

  4. Myka

    I am pretty astonished on what the Red Sox have done this last game. For sure this rivalry match will be a very good game. Especially they are rivals for a lot of years now.


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