Game 4: Nice Opening

More notes from waiting rooms…

In their defense, I know that nobody at my former Fox Sports employers had the final word. But that mish-mosh of Series highlights and clips from some dippy cartoon movie they’re trying to sell, with which they opened tonight’s telecast, was a great argument for transferring the World Series broadcast rights to PBS. Or maybe C-SPAN.



    Thank goodness, someone with some sense. I was wondering what in h*** was going on with that opening. Avatar and the World Series.

    As we watch the Game, they hit ARod again. Let me tell you something about Philly fans. I was in the grocery store Sat when a Philly fan said that he was going to the game as ARod with a needle stuck in his butt.

    Philly fans are not known for their enlightened behavior.

    Of course, I am a Giants fan feeling spanked after the game today. Reason for me viewpoint?

    I think not.

  2. wellsoliver

    Amen brother Keith. Every day my longing for an intelligent PBS-like SportsCenter increases tenfold. Fox & ESPN continue to bring and amplify the stupid, and sadly it gets worse every year.


    Don’t tell me, let me guess–you’re not going to go see “Avatar” when it comes out? LOL! Avatar and the World Series…that’s corporate America for you.

    @judithlgregory – Yep, Phillies fans are a real classy bunch. Now, if I had dressed as A-Rod for Halloween, I would have embedded a bloody baseball in my shoulder, as a tribute to the Phillies’ “great” pitching. Seems like the Phillies think that baseball is a contact sport.

  4. shfinn

    Could not agree more what the heck does Avatar have to do with the game? & what about warning the Yankees BEFORE they took the field?


    Things that have nothing to do with BASEBALL (or should):


    The military


    no-nothings with ‘announcer school’ accents

    in other words, EVERYTHING about this awful coverage.


    I’m still bitter that the World Series is only available here on premium (ie. $120/month) cable, not on broadcast. I listened to it via Internet radio. But even that is better than having to endure an Avatar/MLB crossover.

  7. dj2jd5jm7

    Glad to read I am not the only one annoyed with Fox’s “coverage” of the WS. I just wanna thank Mr. Buck for his “review”of the new Pearl Jam album. That’s great commentating right there!


    Fox’s “coverage” is one of many reasons why I listen to Jon Miller & Joe Morgan on radio & keep the TV on mute. The eight+ second delay doesn’t bother me too much any more, and hearing Morgan call the warning to the Yankees bench after Rodriguez was HBP “bull, that was BULL!” was priceless.

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